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DP, Cinematographer & Phantom high speed Cameraman Bill Mills offers camera, lighting, and production services for Florida, Georgia, the Caribbean, and the southeast. Our gear is constantly updating to manage the latest trends an we offer a variety of specialized services including the popular Sony FX9, FX6 and F-55 camera systems.

In addition to camera services, Bill is an experienced field producer and has managed numerous international productions for clients abroad who are not able to travel to the US due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions. We can offer a multi camera, quad split feature for Zoom monitored productions.

The Sony PXW-FX9 features a full-frame, oversampled 6K Exmor R CMOS sensor that allows you to capture 4K images with cinematic depth of field. We offer a variety of lens mounts and lens options as well as the FX6 for a smaller footprint and a great B camera.

The Sony PMW F-55 system is capable of capturing in 4k and traditional HD simultaneously and features a super 35mm sensor, PL or Canon EF mount, high frame rates, and a manageable workflow.

For amazing motion control effects the Phantom 4K Flex can be coupled with the BOLT X system. Please inquire about special package rates for this incredible production tool.

Digital Cinema HD is strategically located between St. Petersburg's beautiful waterfront downtown and the amazing beaches of Ft. DeSoto and Pass-a-grille, just 25 minutes from Tampa's International Airport.

Bill welcomes mutually beneficial partnerships with producers, DP's, production companies, governmental agencies, international producers, and post-production facilities.

As an experienced international traveler, personnel and all gear is available for immediate global assignments.

We also offer a matched pair of new Canon Cinema Style PL or EF mount, 4K ready lenses in both the 15.5-47mm and 30-105mm range. Weighing only 4.5 lbs.each these remarkable lenses feature cine style focus marks and integrate with traditional camera accessories such as follow focus and zoom motors.

Other specialty optics include the Duclos 11-16mm PL super wide angle lens and a super sharp Canon 300mm telephoto prime. A high-quality HDx2 Mark II B4-PL adapter is also offered to allow the use of traditional 2/3" HD lenses with the F55, RED Epic, Alexa, Phantom, or any PL mount Super 35mm style camera.

Bill is a certified FAA 107 UAS/Drone camera pilot and can provide a variety of aerial solutions ranging from the Phantom Four Pro Plus, Mavic Pro 2, and Inspire 2.

Underwater cinematography is another specialty offered by DCHD. Bill was honored with a coveted Edward R. Murrow/Video Feature Award as part of his topside and underwater cinematography services on a CBS/60 Minutes Special with Anderson Cooper in Cuba. A variety of packages include the Sony F55/Gates Housing, RED Epic/Gates, or Aquatica/Canon 5D kits. Our Sony Z90/Gates/OTS underwater package offers a sophisticated system for wireless underwater dialogue and direct recording from talent to camera.

If remote underwater operations are your needs, Bill has also worked with a variety of subsea systems from Marine Imaging and Magellan LLC as ROV DoP/Camera operator and technical advisor. These systems are capable of capturing full 4K resolution images at depths to 18,000 feet or 5300 meters.

Digital Cinema HD provides crew acquisition and production services ranging from location management and scouting to marine and aerial production. We maintain annual production insurance policies and can acquire or expedite location permits easily within the state of Florida.

We have been in the industry since 1992.

Photo Galleries


Director of Photography – New York Yankee Media Day promos
February, 2024 — February, 2024
Commercial – YES Network
Director/Camera/Editor – Transition Episodes for Military
January, 2024 — February, 2024
Corporate – EOD Warrior Foundation
Phantom 4K Flex Operator/Tech – Publix
January, 2024 — January, 2024
Commercial – Taste In Motion
Phantom 4K Flex Operator/Tech – PUMA
December, 2023 — December, 2023
Commercial – Takeone Productions
Phantom 4K Flex Operator/Tech – Tampa Bay Lightning
September, 2023 — September, 2023
Commercial – Diamond View
Director of Photography – Cat Retirement Home
June, 2023 — June, 2023
Corporate – AARP Productions
Underwater Director of Photography – Sperm Whales of Dominica
April, 2023 — April, 2023
Television – CBS 60 Minutes
Director of Photography – HBO Real Sports - Artisitic Swimming - Soledad O Brien
March, 2023 — March, 2023
Television – HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel
Director of Photography/Crew services – PGA Valspar Challenge
March, 2023 — March, 2023
Commercial – Brian Havens Media
Drone Videographer – Gordon Ramsay - Uncharted - S4 - Florida Keys
March, 2023 — March, 2023
Television – Bright Road Productions
Cinematographer – Daytona 500 Feature Interviews w/Jimmy Johnson
February, 2023 — February, 2023
Television – Fox Sports
Director of Photography – Jordan's Furniture - Hit Through the Cycle w/Rafael Devers
February, 2023 — February, 2023
Commercial – Skystorm Productions
Director of Photography (2nd Unit) – Climate Change and Hurricane Ian
September, 2022 — September, 2022
Television – CBS 60 Minutes - w/Bill Whittaker
Director of Photography/Live Shot – Preparing for Hurricane Ian
September, 2022 — September, 2022
Television – NBC News
Director of Photography/Remote Camera Operator – Titanic As Never Seen Before
July, 2022 — August, 2022
Television – Magellan
Topside camera and underwater DP – Coral Reefs
June, 2022 — June, 2022
Television – CBS 60 Minutes w/Anderson Cooper
Producer/DP – Bank of America - Masterpiece Moments
May, 2022 — May, 2022
Corporate – XD Agency
Underwater Director of Photogrpahy – The Bermuda Triangle: Challenger Discovery
May, 2022 — May, 2022
Television – Lone Wolf Films
Director of Photography/Underwater Camera – Shark Behavior
March, 2022 — March, 2022
Television – National Geographic Television
Director of Photography – Lost Ships
February, 2022 — February, 2022
Television – Lone Wolf Films
Director of Photography/Production crew and equipment – Denis Shapovalov at IMG
December, 2021 — December, 2021
Television – The Sports Network/Bell Media
Hired through ProductionHUB
Phantom High Speed Camera DP – Dental Drills
December, 2021 — December, 2021
Corporate – Forepeak Productions
Underwater Cinematography and Production – Jaws vs. The Boat
November, 2021 — December, 2021
Television – Pangolin Productions for National Geographic
Director of Photography/Production crew and equipment – 20/20 Missing Persons
November, 2021 — November, 2021
Television – Committee Films for ABC 20/20
Director of Photography/Production crew and equipment – AARP Veteran Benefits
October, 2021 — October, 2021
Corporate – AARP Productions
Director/Cameraman/Production crew and equipment – Geico Profiles
August, 2021 — August, 2021
Corporate – Geico/Production HUB
Hired through ProductionHUB
Underwater cinematography – King of the Deep
July, 2021 — July, 2021
Television – CBS 60 Minutes
Phantom 4K Flex and Operator/Tech – AEW Rampage
June, 2021 — June, 2021
Commercial – Victorhouse Films
DP/Production crew and equipment – Mystery on Anna Marie Island
June, 2021 — June, 2021
Television – Beaker Productions
DP/Drone Operator/Production crew and equipment – The Nature of Things: Natures Reboot
May, 2021 — May, 2021
Television – Canadian Broadcasting Co.
Location Management/Crew & Equipment – Dino Pompei
April, 2021 — April, 2021
Television – BBC Productions
Crew and Equipment – Super Bowl LV -
February, 2021 — February, 2021
Television – CBS Sports
Production crew and equipment – Rob Gronkowski
January, 2021 — February, 2021
Commercial – The Montag Group
Lighting Cinematographer – Briggs & Stratton
November, 2020 — November, 2020
Corporate – I-Level Productions
Phantom Camera/Operator/Tech – Titleist
November, 2020 — November, 2020
Commercial – GLP Creative
Phantom Cameraman/Tech – Waterpik
November, 2020 — November, 2020
Commercial – Convergence, LLC
Phantom Cameraman/Tech – WoodWerk Commercial
November, 2020 — November, 2020
Commercial – I-Frame Media
Producer/Director – Stormfitters Winter Sales Event
October, 2020 — October, 2020
Commercial – Stormfitters, Inc.
Director of Photography/Field Producer – Clyde Butcher
September, 2020 — September, 2020
Television – AARP Productions
Producer/Editor – STEM at Sea
September, 2020 — September, 2020
Corporate – SeaWord Foundation
Field Producer/DP – Cruising Towards Disaster
July, 2020 — July, 2020
Television – Blue Pearl Productions
Hired through ProductionHUB
Field Producer/Director of Photography – The Future is Sh**T
June, 2020 — June, 2020
Television – Fathom Film Group-Nat Geo
Director of Photography – Political Commercial
June, 2020 — June, 2020
Commercial – SOS Commercial Productions
Producer/Director/Cinematographer – Nauticos: The Search Continues
May, 2020 — November, 2020
Short Film – Nauticos
Director of Photography – Breaking the Curse
February, 2020 — March, 2020
Other – City Drive Studios
ENG Cameraman – Daytona 500
February, 2020 — February, 2020
Live Event – Fox News Channel
Director of Photography – Erin Andrews Documentary
December, 2019 — December, 2019
Television – HBO East Coast Productions
Phantom Camera/Tech – Alka Launch-Cape Canaveral
December, 2019 — December, 2019
Corporate – Elm City Communications
DP/Phantom Cameraman – Publix
November, 2019 — November, 2019
Commercial – Dave Spataro Productions
Cameraman – Jameis Winston/Mike Vick Interview
October, 2019 — October, 2019
Television – Fox Sports
Director of Photography – VA Tampa
September, 2019 — September, 2019
Corporate – Rocket Media
Cameraman – Heat Stroke
August, 2019 — August, 2019
Television – HBO Real Sports
Director of Photography – Shark Tourism
July, 2019 — July, 2019
Television – NBC News
Director of Photography – Heavenly Bodies
June, 2019 — June, 2019
Television – Smithsonian Channel
DP & Underwater Cameraman – Diving With a Purpose
June, 2019 — June, 2019
Television – National Geographic Partners
Drone Pilot/Cameraman – PBC Countdown
June, 2019 — June, 2019
Television – Five Films-Fox Sports
Director of Photography – American Spring-Everglades
April, 2019 — April, 2019
Live Event – Ack Productions/PBS Nature/WNET
Underwater DP – Sea World/Orlando
April, 2019 — April, 2019
Commercial – Skystorm Productions
Director of Photography & UW Cameraman – When Sharks Attack
December, 2018 — December, 2018
Television – Optomen Productions/Nat Geo
Director of Photography/UW & Drone – Born to Explore: Cayman Islands
August, 2018 — August, 2018
Television – Born to Explore/PBS
Director of Photography – Dispatches From the Gulf Series
August, 2014 — February, 2019
Television – Screenscope Films


I have worked with Bill Mills on many different projects since 2005. He is always the consummate professional. I can rely on him without questions to ensure the finest of details are covered without the loss of creativity and craftsmanship. He is infinitely skilled and at the top of his game in terms of current technologies. Bill is my go to guy each and every time I have film or video needs; because of his broad base of production and cinematographic skills.


“Bill is a highly skilled cinematographer and videographer who always brings a unique combination of expertise and creativity to every project. I have worked with Bill repeatedly since 1999. He was our primary DP for the Critter Cam Special for National Geographic Television and Fox. Bill produced great results in the field, even in the most challenging of circumstances. I can always count on Bill to deliver.” September 2, 2011 - Dara Padwo Audick, Creative Strategies

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