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Hollywood DI performs color correction for every kind of visual project ... whether it’s a feature shot on 35mm film or the latest digital cameras; a 3D Reality TV show; a TV Commercial or serious documentary, Hollywood DI has the skilled and talented colorists needed to take your project up to the next level of visual perfection.

20ft Screen. 2k DLP Projector. HDCAM-SR, HDCAM, DIGIBETA, QT, DVD, DPX. 33 Seats, Air Conditioning, 5.1 Surround Sound, Red Uncompressed, Free Parking.


From Digital Dailies to DCP, Hollywood DI’s optimized workflow is designed to help content creators get the most out of their budgets and time ... our Flexible, Lean and Open approach allows content creators to mix-and-match the services they obtain form Hollywood DI with their own in-house capabilities and services from other vendors.

Digital Dailies and Editorial Preparation service
After consultation with your DP, DIT and Editor we design the optimal workflow for backing up your dailies, syncing audio and video, applying any necessary color correction and rendering out the different versions required for Editorial and Revue purposes.
Shot-to-shot balancing: Achieving a consistent look across the overall visual project is a vital part the process of color correction. Scenes shot with different cameras or at different times can be matched to appear as a harmonious and unified visual experience.

Re-balancing individual scenes: Many scenes benefit from having their black and white points adjusted to change the contrast values. Altering gamma values can have a dramatic impact in mid-tone looks, especially skin tones.

Overall color styling: Many visual stories have a dramatic arc, a hero’s journey. Defining and implementing a stylized “look” to support the story arc is a fundamental and powerful aspect of the color enhancement process.

Vignettes and Power Windows: Within each visual scene, power windows and selective color keying can be used to isolate separate elements and adjust the colors accordingly. For example, a particular scene may have been shot dark to increase the dramatic tension but the director wants to brighten up the lead actor’s eyes … a power window around the actor’s face can be used to brighten up the eyes without affecting the overall darkness levels.

3D color correction and stereoscopic enhancement: All the above 2D color correction techniques can be applied to 3D material with the proviso that 3D color work has to be further tweaked when viewing stereoscopic material to ensure that the 3D depth perception clues are not inadvertently distorted.

Legalizing for foreign distribution, broadcast and the web: Different countries and delivery channels have different requirements. Legalizing final delivery elements for different territories is an important requirement of many distribution contracts. Optimizing media for different viewing environments is an integral part of the color correction and enhancement services that Hollywood-DI provides.

Finishing and Deliverables: Once color grading has been completed, a visual project still needs to be conformed and output. Syncing up the audio elements with the picture; incorporating Opening Titles and the End Credit Crawl and double-checking that finished product meets the delivery specifications is essential part of our finishing services.
Deliverables include HDCAM-SR and HDCAM tapes, DVDs and BlueRays, QuickTime files and DCPs (Digital Cinema Packages).

Screenings: Editorial reviews, VFX reviews and test marketing screenings can all be carried out in the Fairbanks Theater. The 33 seat theater outfitted with a 2k DLP projector, twenty foot screen and 5.1 sound system is an ideal environment for screening your project.
The Fairbanks Theater can project HDCAM-SR, HDCAM, Digibeta tapes, DVDs and QuickTime files.

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