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196 NW 24 St
Miami, Florida 33127

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We are a boutique studio, with 5,000 sq ft of high end facilities, located in the heart of the Wynwood Art District, a hub of emerging artists, art galleries, production studios and world-class private collections.

We have four Spaces:

1. Cycl Studio: designed by photographers and tailored to satisfy the flexibility and comfort a photo shoot demands.
2. Loft: Perfect for photo/film shoots, brand styling, art exhibitions, castings or to entertain private events.
3. Rooftop: 4,000 sq ft of 360˚views of Miami
4. Outdoor: 5,000 sq ft empty lot for set building and special productions

The flexibility of the studios' design allows us to modify their layout to accommodate your production needs.

Whether you need a professional space for a full production or a high-end private event or a smaller space for a simpler production or gathering, our spaces are adaptable to your needs.

With 12 years in the business and partnerships with the most respected local production providers, we have the resources to accommodate all your production

We have been in the industry since 1996.

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