SIMZ Productions, Inc.

Geyserville, California


About Us

SIMZ is a video and television production company based in Northern California made up primarily of a DP/Producer partnership but with access to full service crew. We have a 1-ton grip Van stocked with lighting and grip gear to meet your needs.

Lighting Equipment List
1 Ton Grip Van 2013 GMC
1 Aputure 600d
2 Apurture 300d 55k Softbox, fresnels, V mount battery
1 Apurture 120D 55k Softbox, fresnels, V mount battery
2 Rayzer 7 300 55K w Softbox
2 Dracast Boltray LED 600 55K
1 Quasar Kit: 2ft, 1ft, 6 inch (bi-color)
3 Quasar 4ft
9 Daylight Flo light package (55K)
3 1x1 LEDs Bi-Color
1 EU2000i honda portable generator
5 1K lights 32k
2 mole Richard 2ks with heavy-duty rollers 32k
1 Source 4 with assorted patterns 32k
13 C-Stands
2 Tall Boy rolling combo stands
1 6x6 Mathew frame silk, assorted silks 1/4 2/4 4/4
2 4X4 1/4 silks
5 3x4 Black Flags
2 4x4 white foam bounce
2 Full Apple Box sets (full, half, quarter, pancake)
5 police-grade 2-way radios (Motorola)
2 full field Lowell kits
green screen fabric and background stand
assorted colored background fabrics
stingers, c47s, clamps, knuckles
2 fog machines, disco ball, strobe lights
gels, frames, ND filters, diffusion,
sandbags, camera wedges, cube taps, black wrap
and so much more!!

Camera Equipment: Sony F55, Sony FS5, Canon 5D miii, track, 18' jib, steadicam, and more.

We have been in the industry since 2005.

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Added on 7/28/2019
A collection from some of the work I've done.

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