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Field sound mixer recordist with over 15 years of experience for DOCs, Commercials, Network, Corporate, Sports, & VR.

My Specialty = fast paced multicamera timecode-synced productions or anything outdoors that demands fitness(the higher the elevation the better)perhaps do to a past of -professional ski patrolling in Tahoe, Class 5 river guiding and kayaking in the Sierras.
My Equipment - Of the highest industry QUALITY and RELIABILITY is based on a Sound Devices (mixers) and Lectrosonics (wireless Mics)System.
SOUND DEVICES 688 12 channel mixer w/ recorder/timecode and auto mix capability for multi subject auto mixing on the fly.
Lectrosonics, Tram, Sanken, countryman, Schoeps, Sennheiser, mics.,
SMART SLATE, Lockit boxes, Comteks

Favorite Cameras to work with- ARRI, RED, Sony F55

I am a highly skilled field sound recordist with the highest quality gear!
Call me if you are serious about professional sound for your next production.

Great Attitude!
Cool under pressure!

We have been in the industry since 1999.

Pirelli Highway Zero Spot Episode 2, Box Canyon, CA
Added on 12/7/2017

on board dialogue recording while monitoring in a chase car.

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