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Indigo Post is a San Diego post-production design studio. We take an idea, product or brand and bring it to digital life with our expertise in motion graphics, editorial, design, animation, video compression and DVD/CD production.

We are inspired by the endless creative possibilities that transform concepts into ideas in motion. Or simply put, we get excited to make things look good. Our open boutique setting allows clients to connect and collaborate with artists to shape their advertising concepts into innovative designs. We believe great work comes from visual inspiration, happiness, passion and a little bit of good clean fun. Sprinkle in a little sunshine and 70 degree weather and we’d say that’s a pretty good reason to live-love-work in San Diego.

To date, Indigo’s combined talents have drawn clients such as LG Electronics, Ford, Sprint, Autodesk, AT&T Wireless, Lexus, Union Bank and the San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau.

We have been in the industry since 2000.

Indigo Post 2010 Demo Reel
Added on 4/19/2010
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