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I am a Screenwriter with a creative visual style that can enhance storyboarding as well as the entire pre-production process. I enjoy creating characters for the Cast to develop into and make them breathe; while writing to fit budgetary concerns. I am also an Actor, Set Designer, and Location Manager/Scout.

In addition, a Tagline Doctor, those 3 to 5 words to capture the attention of an potential audience, and generating quotes for your poster, DVD covers.

Experience with writing on a budget, meaning if one has limited amount then I can design a screenplay to allow for that, that talent comes from doing music videos, no-budgeted shorts and having a background in Accounting/ Auditing.

I am equally experience in writing business plans, and film budgets.

Hired as Editor of a new horror site called The Horror Times in October 2017; generating over an average of 230,000 unique views per each year operations; considered a Horror Film Historian.

Most recently spending my time traveling to Festivals (mainly film) to not just review the films but the entire festival - how they treat individuals, is it worth the time and effort. I also have attended some as PAID consultant for the festival informing of areas of improvement. Temporary on hold due to covid-19.

Currently hired as On-line DJ and produced over 650 radio shows, and working with over 350 music labels and 350,000 tracks, from worldwide bands in the genre of Hard Rock to Extreme Metal. Maintain a weekly horror podcast show called Baron's Crypt with guests and work to promote horror films. In addition, produce two metal broadcasts, a Hard rock show, and 3 other genre themed broadcasts.

I have been in the industry since 2004.


Actor, Associate Producer – Killer Waves 2

December, 2019 — December, 2019
Feature – James Balsamo

Actor – Swamp Zombies 2

May, 2017 — May, 2018
Feature –

Production Assistant – The Search for the Jersey Devil

April, 2015 — October, 2015
Feature –

Actor – Cuddlez

January, 2015 — May, 2015
Short Film – Bryan Enright

Director, Editor – Terror Film Festival Promotional Trailer

July, 2013 — September, 2013
Other – Felix Diaz

Prop Manager – Keeper of Souls

September, 2010 — October, 2010
Short Film – Tony Stylez

Writer, Actor – Dynasty of Darkness: Apocalyptic End

March, 2002 — June, 2009
Feature – Chris Chaos

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