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Palm Tree Video - Shoot, Edit, Deliver.
ENG coverage to full blown Hollywood shoots become done with Palm Tree Video.
Producer, Director, DP, Camera Operator, Tele-Prompter, Video Assist (Non Linear, Real Time Field Encoding in the format of your choice),

Editing: In Suite or on location - Non Linear Editing (Final Cut Pro), Graphics/ Motion Graphics,
Output: Format of your choice - Tape: HD/SD, DVD authoring, Web, 4:3 - 16:9

Our equipment includes our complete ENG/EFP package (PANASONIC AG-HPX300 Camera, Wireless Lav or handheld mic, Tripod, On camera light, Production cart etc.) with the option of editing on location or at the location that works for you ( coffee shop, Hotel suite etc. ) or edit at our offices using our fully equipped editing suite featuring our G5 loaded with the latest Final Cut Pro Suite, Photoshop, Illustrator and more...

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