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New York, New York

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Visual Effects Artist
14+ Years of Experience with Node Based/ Layer Based Compositing For Feature Films and Television.
Digital Compositing. 2.5, Projections, 3D Space.
Strong Understanding of Color, Light, Composition, Animation, Realism.
Expertise Of Live Action Comping, Green/Blue Screen Keying, Color Grading, Tracking, Retiming, Integration, Rotoscoping, Paint, Removals. Grain Matching.
Digital Cosmetic Clean Up.
3D Match-Moving, 2D Tracking.
Comping Multi-Pass CG Passes, 3D Lighting/ Shading.
Digital Matte Painting.
Digital Stereoscopic Compositing.
Strong Understanding of Photography and Traditional Fine Arts Principles. Including: Exposure, Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO, White Balance, Design, Composition, Color, Proportion, Perspective, Rhythm, Line, Value, Mass, Edges, Volume, Planes, Form, Light, Structure, Geometry, Symmetry, Visual Perception, Impression, Focus, Temperature, Techniques and Methods.

The Foundry Nuke, Adobe After Effects, Mocha Pro, PF Track, Boujou, Adobe Photoshop, Maya

Visual Effects Supervisor
Pre Production
Script Breakdown, Pre-Viz, Storyboards
Collaborate With Director/ Cinematographer On How To Efficiently Execute All VFX Shots. ŸProvide Bidding, Scheduling And Budgeting.
On Set Supervision
Set and Camera Surveying.
Preparing VFX Elements, Green Screens, 2D Tracking Markers, 3D Matchmoves, Etc.
On Set Still Photography DSLR, Reference Photography- Texture References, HDR Spherical Panoramas, Chrome Ball Data, Lens Distortion Grids.
Assisting The Director and Cinematographer With Creative Visual Effects Decision Making On Set.

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