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We are an award-winning, full-service video production company - from development through delivery - with a specialized focus on documentary-style storytelling for broadcast television and non-profit organizations.

Backfin Media continually sets the bar for quality, clarity and creativity. Our television projects have aired on networks like Discovery Channel, Smithsonian Channel, PBS, and National Geographic in the genres of Natural History, American History, International History, Arts and Culture, Travel, Science, and Real-Life Occupational.

The high-quality production values we bring to our broadcast work is the same for our non-profit clients. Whether your need is for fund-raising, awareness, community outreach or social justice, your story can be brought to life with compelling digital video. Grab the attention of your target audience through social media outlets like Facebook, LinkedeIn, Youtube, through email blasts, and other Internet resources, and in some instances, Public Television broadcast. We have the expertise to get your message out there.

Backfin Media has experience on a global scale. We have produced projects on virtually every continent on Earth. From Russia’s Far East to the African bush to Europe, Asia, and the northern and southern Americas... we’ve traveled to the far corners of the world to tell the stories that make a difference.

We pride ourselves in creating projects and providing services that exceed our clients expectations - delivered on time and on budget.

We tell stories... and we’re here to tell yours.

We have been in the industry since 1985.

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