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Orlando, Florida


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Freelance camera operator / DP with expertise in on-location editing. Full camera, lighting and audio package available. 30 years of extensive production and management experience in the Television industry as chief News Photographer, Editor, and Producer/Director.

"The art of Photography”…If you look in the dictionary it says “(fa tag’ra fe) The art of process of producing pictorial images on a surface sensitive to light or other radiant energy, as on film in a camera”. When I think of photography I think of a visual image telling a story, either still or moving. If a still picture is worth a thousand words then 30 frames in a video clip is worth 10,000 words.

I have been in the industry since 1979.

Personal Experience and Services
Added on 4/29/2019
A quick up close look at my experience and DP Back Ground.


Teleprompter Operator – ESPN Home Depot 2014 College Football Awards

December, 2014 — December, 2014
Live Event – ESPN

Director of Photography – Ammo and Attitude Season 4 (Reality Show)

April, 2013 — May, 2013
Television – Shipman Agency

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