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Pixascope is a creative agency that specializes in marketing for feature films. We design and develop movie posters, web sites, viral marketing, branding, ad campaigns, press kits, and more.

Our clients include filmmakers, studios, and distributors seeking to capture their audience through print, web, graphic design, social networks, and new media.

The creative services we provide also extends beyond marketing to include show titles, logos, storyboards, conceptual art, and motion graphics for your production.

Whether it's theatrical distribution, DVD, or film festivals, we’re the ones who build buzz.

"Pixascope was an important collaborator in the theatrical, dvd and web success of Bubba Ho-tep... I highly recommend them."
- Don Coscarelli - Writer/Director (Bubba Ho-tep, Phantasm)

"Pixascope is my secret weapon. I've used them exclusively as my one-stop design shop for years. We've done a huge variety of projects from feature films to kid's TV series to corporate websites. Pixascope always rises to the occasion with fresh ideas and on-time delivery of every aspect of a project's needs. And they do it with style and grace. A pleasure to work with from start to finish. Highest Recommendation."
- Noah Kadner - Producer/Writer/Director (Call Box, High Road Productions)

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