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65 Martha Road
Boston, Massachusetts 02114


About Us

Makeup by Vicki Morgenstern is a renowned makeup artist that offers prompt, efficient, and cost-effective services in Boston, Massachusetts and surrounding areas. The breadth of her experience includes: live events, video production, commercials, television remotes, political venues, photo shoots, and published editorials, with a specialty in makeup for celebrities and VIPs. Vicki has honed her technical skills for the special requirements for working with this high end population. She is proficient in working with talent whose image is displayed in HD or 4K resolution on a Jumbotron background. Producers have commented that she is totally committed to the well being of the productions, always prepared with ideas and enthusiasm that effect the day's dynamics in a positive way. Clients commend her for her exceptional makeup application skills and excellent customer service.

We have been in the industry since 1996.

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