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Responsible for writing, producing and directing new, fresh, innovating and educational segments for the show “Caso Cerrado”. My involvement included every stage of the television program. My shows have been known to have increased ratings by over 62%. I was responsible for overseeing the project from start to finish, both in a studio and on location. Resulting project running smoothly, so that the director and the rest of the team can concentrate on the creative angles. Responsible having the program edited and ready for broadcast on-time. Held regular meetings with the director and Exec. Producer to discuss characters and scenes. I have prepared rundowns with AVID iNEWS to monitor and control every aspect of a broadcast transmission and make on-the-fly changes moments before the show hits the airwaves resulting in a cost-effective way for Telemundo to manage their playout show and processes, and deliver a greater number of error-free broadcast. I was also involved in the casting process of talents.

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Added on 12/17/2012
This is My Demo Reel. Stay tune for the updated version. Thank you for watching.

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