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About Us

Award-winning producer, screenwriter, director and actor Craig Richards, a veteran of nearly 40 years in Hollywood feature film and series television production, formed Dolphin Heart Productions LLC to produce its own projects as well as to partner with other creative professionals to deliver entertaining stories told with impactful production value.

A co-founder, former president and lifetime member of Film Oregon Alliance, former president of the prestigious Pass Players and instructor at Stagecoach Acting School, Craig Richards is also proudly a member or signatory of the full gamut of the various trade unions, guilds, organizations and associations representing professionals at the top of their game in the filmmaking disciplines.

We have been in the industry since 1977.

Dolphin Heart Productions 10-second live-action identity
Added on 6/24/2009
This 10-second ID appears sometimes at the beginning and usually at the end of our productions to identify the production company.

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