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Greetings! Don Riemer here. I'm a visual storyteller with over 30 years experience. I have completed over 400 projects for clients in entertainment, education, business and the non-profit sector. My experience and skills embrace writing, directing and editing.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR COVID19 RESPONSE - I have a robust professional editing system at home, so I can take on projects if normal post workflow has been disrupted by office closures.

What kind of projects? I'm comfortable with both unscripted documentaries and fully scripted narratives. In 2016, I edited the short comedy “Shy Guys,” which was an official selection in over 60 film festivals and won over 15 awards. My work for Duke Farms, a series of videos promoting environmental sustainability, earned Telly Awards for editing, best documentary, and audience favorite. My writing experience is particularly valuable for documentary projects, where a story must be revealed, shaped and refined in the edit room.

Speaking of writing... I have written 5 features and 25 shorts. (One of the shorts, "The Small Multiple," was produced in 2008 and is posted as a sample on this site.) I'm available for rewrites, script doctoring, and story consultation. Writing samples are available on my web site.

I edit mostly with Premiere and associated Adobe applications, but I also use FCPX. Lately, I've acquired a growing interest in DaVinci Resolve, so I'd be happy to discuss a project where this was the preferred platform. And though my Avid skills are rusty, I'd be happy to get them polished up if required. The nature of the project and the client’s workflow determine which tool is best for the job. Please visit my web site for more information.

I have been in the industry since 1988.


One thing that goes without saying about Don Riemer is his attention to details is unmatched by anyone. For over 20 years I have worked with Don as a director and or editor and I only have the utmost respect and admiration for his skills. Most recently he directed a very complex training video while following a strict story board. As always, he was beyond prepared for the shoot; he created an atmosphere where the client and crew felt confident and comfortable which was difficult to do since he was under great pressure to meet a very tight timeline. Overall, his creative thinking, attention to details, reliably and confidence is what makes Don a pleasure to work with.

Inga Koeppe

Don Riemer, as Director or Videoeditor, is an exceptional asset to any film project team. He is organized, highly-skilled, and easy-going, and quickly establishes good working relationships with crew members, actors, and clients. I’ve found Don to be extremely creative and flexible, offering solutions to meet timelines and budgets. His attention to detail is unmatched; he created 40 translated versions of an instructional pharma video that exceeded expectations in all ways. In my 20+ years of working with Don, it’s always been my pleasure.

Laura Tufano

Laura Tufano

Working with Don was an absolute pleasure. From the get-go, he made sure he understood our vision and helped bring it to fruition. The services he provided as the editor of our film exceeded our expectations and resulted in a top-notch effort. I feel lucky to have worked with Don and plan to do so again. Highly recommended.

Louis Crisitello

I have known Don for over 10 years and have worked with him to produce TWO award winning documentaries. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is exceptionally creative, needs very little direction and understands how to communicate powerful messages to viewers. Everyone that watches his work is brought to tears. Plus, he’s just a really great guy.

Tanya Sulikowski

I've know Don Riemer for years and have always found him to be a talented writer, film-maker, and editor, as well as an experienced educator. In 2011, I had the chance to work with him professionally when I contracted him as Editor of the movie, "Stable", which I wrote and directed. Not only did Don understand and execute my story and vision of the movie, he added many, many post-production touches that enhanced it greatly; additions that I would have never thought of.

They say a movie is written three times: once when the screenplay is finished; once when the movie is directed; and once when it's edited. I'm proud to include Don as one of the "writers" of "Stable".

Paul J. Williams

Don is an incredibly efficient and hands on editor. He worked on a pilot for a new tv series we produced and did a fantastic job.

Bruce Frigeri

Don cut our short film Shy Guys. We premiered at the Austin Film Festival four months ago. Since then we've been to @ 30 more festivals and won 9 awards. His editing has everything to do with the success of our project. We gave him "first crack." Then he sat with us for two days as we tweaked. He amiably defers to the filmmaker's vision, yet adds inspired suggestion. We highly recommend.
Fredric Lehne
RTT Productions

fred ehen

Don is the man you want to do all your video work, his capabilities include writing, production, editing and has turned amazing work around in ridiculous timelines. I have had the pleasure of working with Don over the past 8 years and at times have spent 10 minutes describing what my vision was for the end product and within 24 hours, he has an outline, location recommendations and is ready to shoot!

He is a great talent and a great partner to collaborate with, I recommend him highly.


Don Riemer is incredible. He opens up an idea and is able to develop it with a fresh eye all the way through. Don demonstrates his skills with pragmatism, improvisation and wonder. He merges art and technology to produce work that hits all the right spots and connects on a variety of layers.

David Anderson

Don Riemer is a complete pleasure to work with. His creativity is boundless. His dedication and effort are without measure. His wealth of experience and knowledge of the craft are phenomenal. I have had the opportunity to work with him on many projects and he always exceeds my expectations.

Chris Messineo

As the studio director for Peggy Karr Glass, I had the pleasure of working closely with Don over many days while filming the company's documentary promotional video. The filming of the video could have been a disastrous and disruptive intrusion to the manufacturing process of a very busy facility. Instead became a smooth professionally orchestrated production by Don and crew. Don is the person to have on your team!


Don's work is always well executed because his planning is phenomenal and he pays attention to every detail. Furthermore, Don's editing skills are spot-on as well as seamless. If someone's work is an extension of self, than Don is clearly one of the most professional people you will ever meet.

William D. Prystauk

I have worked with Don for over 10 years as a makeup artist .
He is always very well prepared and proffecional ,
- a real pleasure to work with.

Maria von Torfeld

I've worked with Don Over the years as a Cameraman. I like working with Don always prepared and ready before he gets to the set from the first shot to the end. In Short A professional

James Higginbotham

Don edited numerous video clips into a cohesive program with a beautifully designed menu and other features. Don's work is extremely professional and aesthetically pleasing. The completed work exceeded my expectations. And he is a really nice guy and easy to deal with.


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