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A full-time position in the live or broadcast industry where my expertise in production direction, system optimization and audio engineering where my skills can be best used.

Production Director with over 5 years experience leading, and training other technical artists in lighting, video, and audio, a Bachelors Degree in Audio Recording Arts and over 10 years exposure in the audio mixing.
• Proven ability to meet expectations in both live and recording productions.
• Extensive knowledge of holistic production system design and execution.
• A talent for developing and mentoring technicians to better their craft.

Audio Visual Systems Administrator , Sunridge Community Church
Sept. 2012 – present (Part-Time)
As the Systems Administrator this newest job role at Sunridge focuses on me designing and optimizing systems and training individuals to pass on my expertise.
• Modernizing the scheduling system to rotation basis to better build teams.

Technical Arts Director , Sunridge Community Church
2010 – 2012 (Part-Time)
At Sunridge my job is to train equip and direct technical volunteers. Our production requires between nine and eleven people to make the Sunday production in audio, live video, presentation graphics, and creative lighting. I also provide solutions for new environments and upgrades while also maintaining the systems where needed in multiple rooms on our campus.
• Re-designed and implemented a new wall to modernize the look and feel of the room.
• Recruited and trained over 12 new people in lighting, audio, video and graphics.
• Lead the transition in an analogue to digital audio change, a transition to keyed
lower-third graphics.

A3 Audio Engineer, Star Way Productions
2010 – Present (Part-Time)
While with Starway I have personally worked concerts as an A3 (building stages, setting up audio equipment, operating and troubleshooting for the following (and many more) clients: Chicago, Cirque Du Soliel, Elton John, Gladys Knight, STYX, Foreigner, The Eagles, Bob Dylan, The Temptations, Kansas, and Usher. Working for Star Way has given me a huge education and experience on live concert events from a tour production perspective.
• Proved ability and skills to be regular A3 for household name artists and events.
• Grown in skill and learning from multiple perspectives on live production.

Audio Engineer, Alchemy Recording Studios
2009 - 2010
At Alchemy I was the recording engineer that sets up and runs recording, overdubbing, and mixing sessions through a Neve V3 to ProTools HD, and maintaining the equipment. My primary role was to assist the music producer and studio owner with the recording and technical needs they may have so that he could focus on the creative musical elements of production.
• Developed branding logos and a marketing strategy to help advertise the business.
• Regularly demonstrated proficiency in multi-track recording techniques.

Contract Audio Engineer, Rancho Community Church
2007 – 2008 (Per Diem)
I provided audio production for situations that involved live mixing and live-to-DVD situations. My regular duties were setting up the audio equipment on the stage including microphones, stands, cabling, running sound checks, program wireless microphones/receivers, provided sub-mixes for both the venue, the video feeds, green room and hallway feeds, programming scene changes and presets on the digital (Yamaha PM5D) console.

Assistant Audio Engineer, Jephtha Recording Studios
2004 – 2005 (Part-Time)
I regularly worked or assisted in stereo and 5.1 mixing. I assisted in several live-concert recordings. I provided session premixing, setup and teardown, multi-track recording, multi-track mixing, stem-mixing, pre-mastering, mastering, analogue tape machine alignment, analogue tape to digital transfers, file archiving, audio-for-video shoots, and assisted in system design & consulting to the clients, etc.

BA-Honors Audio Recording Arts, SAE/Middlesex University – London, UK; 2005-2007
Mount San Jacinto College – San Jacinto, CA; 2003-2005
Linfield Christian High School – Temecula, CA; 1999-2003

• Computer skills: I currently own both Mac’s and PC’s and iPhone (Windows 7, Mac OSX, iPhone iOS)
• Basic HTML & CSS web design experience. ¬
• Experience with Avid Profile & SC48, Digico SD8, Neve V-series, Solid State Logic C100, SSL E-series, Midas Pro Series, Yamaha (M7CL, PM5D), Mackie DL1604, and Allen & Heath live consoles.
• I use Pro Tools, Google Sketchup, Reaper Pro, ProPresenter 5, Photoshop, Biamp Audia, Meyer Audio MAPP, Fuzz Measure Pro, AV Snap, Excel for Mac, Word for Mac, EASE Focus, QSC Signal Manager, AudioTools Apps Suite, Sennheiser Wireless Signal Manager, Powerpoint, FLV Converter… too many to list all.

Production, Mixing & Album Credits
The Temptations, Sarah Kelly, Gladys Knight, Gungor, John Mark McMillan, Joe Rogness, Mark Roach, Michael Olson, Stacy Freines, Kendall Payne, 10 Years Late, Adam Watts, David Upton, Pilgrim, On Being Human…

References available upon request.

I have been in the industry since 2004.

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