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VArtisans is a Richmond Virginia based 360 video and VR production company. VArtisans teams have traveled to 14 countries worldwide filming both monoscopic and stereo 360 video. Destinations included the mountains of Uganda to the streets of Paris, Rome and Tokyo … from the oceans of Australia, to the very top of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa.

Led by director and VFX Supervisor Mark Lambert, VArtisans is dedicated to helping create new forms of storytelling in the 360 video and VR mediums. We are currently in production on several national and international 360 video projects as well as multiple art and experimental pieces. With each new project we are exploring new uses, innovating new techniques and concepting new ways to bring storytelling to this immersive art form.

Marks Bio:

Mark Lambert, the company’s founder, has been a VFX/DFX/CG Supervisor on multiple tentpole feature films as well as a director, editor and software developer. From pioneering digital humans to heading up the team that created Harry Potter’s first Quidditch field, he has been at the leading edge of visual effects technology.

While adept at software and technology issues, Mark has always viewed that as a “means to an end” to be an artist and storyteller. Besides Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, he creatively led visual development groups of up to 80 artists on films such as Polar Express and Narnia: The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe. He also created whole FMV sequences for Square USA’s Parasite Eve game and oversaw the title design for Men In Black 2, the lunar landscapes for HBOs Earth to the Moon, Kevin Bacon’s transformation in Hollowman and even Stuart Little’s clothes. His kids were probably most impressed with his teams early work on bringing Ivan Ooze to life in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie.

Early in his career, Mark was a senior online editor on literally 1000s of commercials and several documentaries for clients such as National Geographic and Mercedes Benz . During this time, he also wrote the graphics engine for a National Guard M1A1 tank simulator and developed the first commercial software interface to “Renderman”, (a rendering platform from a small S.F. company called Pixar) and licensed this interface to Sony Pictures & Warner Brothers among others.

In the VR world, Mark developed software back in 1994 for Jaron Lanier’s VPL Research, a pioneering VR firm. He was shooting spherical images in 1998 and spherical video with mirror balls in 2008.

Since leaving LA, Mark has been a live action and animation director, a VFX supervisor for several TV series and a creative director.

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Added on 11/4/2018
VArtisans is a Virginia based team of artists/programmers/cinematographers brought together to explore new ways of storytelling in 360 video.

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