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Montreal / Quebec Photography Productions and Montreal / Quebec Locations Scouts primary function are to support the producers, directors, advertisers,Art Directors and Photographers in multimedias productions. They are responsible for the logistics and details of art directed shoots.

Montreal / Quebec Photography Productions Managers duties include:

Scouts for locations, negotiates contracts, and obtains permits and insurance certificates. Searches for talent, holds castings, books and negotiates models.

Supports all aspects of production finances for art director and photographer.Finds props, books motor homes, catering, assistants, hair and make-up, stylists preparing call sheets.Coordinates shoots on set, including model releases.

Pre and Post Production

To ensure that your production is done to the best of our ability, we arrange that any numbers of pre-production days are set aside to ensure that all your requirements are met before you arrive. We also use this to scout or option locations, props and other requirements according to your brief.


We employ the most experienced production managers - people who have been in the industry for years and who have extensive knowledge of locations and weather patterns.


According to your brief and our pre-production debriefing, we arrange a location scouting to fit in with your schedule. Digital and video scouting facilities are also available if required.

According to your brief and our pre-production debriefing, we arrange a casting to fit in with your schedule. Digital and video castings facilities are also available if required.


Shooting in a public place such as a city street, an airport, a tourist attraction, or a privately owned property like a condo, house, restaurant or business, legally requires a permit and sometimes a location fee. Therefore, we provide a complete service - from bidding and researching to scouting, shooting stills, organizing the necessary permits and contracts that will allow the shoot to take place.


Apartments, Guest houses, Hotels and beautiful private homes are available in and around Montreal.


We offer vehicles ranging from seven-seater crew vehicles, equipment vehicles (empty panel van with rails or larger full-kit Sprinter – includes generator, rails and make-up area) to Winnebagos with all the luxuries.


There are numerous prop houses and private enterprises from which anything imaginable can be rented. There are also a number of set building companies in Montreal and aera for your more specialized props and sets. All scouting and negotiations for props will be done for you according to your brief.


Montreal Photography Production makes use of very experienced, professional and internationally recognized stylist and hair & make-up artists available.

Models Options and Booking
With plenty of Model Agencies in Montreal representing the many world class international and local models, there is an abundance of talent available.

We have been in the industry since 1984.

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