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I’m a Director of Photography / Director based out of Richmond, Virginia.

I shoot with Arri Alexa, C500, C300, C100, FS700, Red Cameras, Canon 5DM7, GoPro, iPhone, PXL-2000, and sand art. I also own Lenses, Camera Accessories, Camera Support, LED, Tungsten, HMI, Kino Flo, Grip Gear, and Pink flamingos.

I’m an artist with skills in filmmaking, cinematography, communication, photography, design, writing, advertising, editing, color grading, motion graphics, sound, and the web. I’ve been making films for over 20 years, and working in the professional production world for 15 years. I know how the pieces go together to make a great creative product, from script to screen.

I received my degree in Communication Arts and Design from VCU in 2004. Since then, I’ve worked on Commercials, Feature Films, Television, Documentaries, Music Videos, Pilots, Web Videos – If you can think of it, I’ve probably worked on it.

I’m a camera junky. My house is littered with them. It seems like a new imaging tool emerges everyday, each one designed to turn the industry on its head, rendering all previous approaches obsolete. I try to keep up, but I also keep shooting. The best camera in the world is the one you have with you.

If you want to talk to me about my work, or if you have an interest in working with me, call or email. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a rough idea and are looking for some creative input. I have plenty of ideas. I am very open to all kinds of work, so if you are looking for a creative partner on some wild venture, give me a shout!

I currently hold a HUET certification, allowing me to fly over water in Navy helicopters. I have my Rigpass and SafeGulf certification, allowing me to visit and work on land based and offshore oil rigs and drilling operations. I also have security clearance with the FBI and Department of Justice.

I love (in no particular order, but the wife comes first :) my daughter, animals, art, music, design, computers, outdoors, water, snow, and long rides on my bicycle. I am a PADI diver, snowboarder, hiker, camper, designer, cyclist, and a DJ.

- Graham Copeland

I have been in the industry since 2004.

June 2020 Demo Reel
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