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Valeo Films Inc. is fuel by passion, creativity and surrounds ourselves with those that inspire us. Still growing after 20 years in business, we are a full service multi-media production company who specializes in telling your story using the most effective tools, people, and distribution methods possible. Our specialties range from television and motion picture service support to corporate explainer videos. Through our experience, background, and training, we provide full turn-key production services to our clients, delivering a finished product for immediate distribution in retail or broadcast television markets.

Parallel Journeys * – Executive Producer Valeo FIlms Inc. / David Ulloa
Touched by a Shark * – Executive Producer Valeo FIlms Inc. / David Ulloa
Mohameds Radio * – UPM El Quatro/ Gonzalez
The Life You Save * – AD Warrior Films / GIbbich
Bullets, Cigarettes, Vitamins & Borrowed Time * – Script Consultant Valeo FIlms Inc.

Mystery Quest: Atlantis * – Underwater DP KPI
Mystery Quest: Bermuda Triangle * – Underwater DP KPI
Quest For Sunken Warships: Torpedo Alley * – Underwater Camera/ Onscreen Talent KPI
Quest For Sunken Warships: Truk Lagoon * – Underwater Camera/ Onscreen Tallent KPI
Quest For Sunken Warships: Oriskany * – Underwater Camera/ Onscreen Tallent KPI
Quest For Sunken Warships: USS Murphey * – Underwater Camera/ Onscreen Tallent KPI
Austin's Up Late * – Stage Mananger

Seeing the Light * – Producer/Director Valeo Films Inc [us]
Hollis: No Limits * – Producer/Director Valeo Films Inc [us]

Cross Creek Shaker Demo * – Producer/Narrator Valeo FIlms Inc.
H & R Cedar Sales and Promotional DVD * – Producer Valeo FIlms Inc.

Sinkthevandenberg.com - Live! * – Executive Producer Valeo FIlms Inc.

Dressage Naturally * – Producer/Narrator Valeo FIlms Inc.
Natural Equine Orthodontics * – Producer/Narrator Valeo FIlms Inc.
Just A Bit About * – Producer/Narrator Valeo FIlms Inc.
Gaited Horses Naturally * – Post Production Sup/Editor David Lichman Enterprises
Inspirational Horse - Journal 1 * – Producer/Director Aimee Brimhall Horsemanship

We have been in the industry since 1994.

David Ulloa Cinematography Reel
Added on 8/12/2016
Video sequences and scenes that I have shot in the last 8 years. Subjects range from sharks to space shuttles. Clients range from Discovery Networks to corporate to non profits.


Valeo Films exemplifies and defines talented professionalism. It has been our pleasure to collaborate with their open and creative team. They are highly adaptable and bring experience, wisdom and passion to every project. They are every bit as good as they look on film and every bit as inspiring as one could hope to work with.

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