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Leftfield Pictures is a New York-based, full-scale television production company. Our goal is simple: create entertaining programming including reality, scripted, comedy, commercial, corporate, news and documentary. Whether entertaining means compelling character-driven pieces or laugh-out-loud comedies, we focus our attention on projects and stories that achieve that objective.

We also understand that the media landscape is changing: budgets are getting smaller while use of multi=platform media is growing. At Leftfield, we believe content is king, and superior casting and storytelling leads to the success of any project regardless of budget.

Leftfield Pictures consists of four departments: Production, Post-Production, Casting, and The Agency. It also offers a number of services including: Research & Development, Producing, Shooting, Post-Production, Editing, Animated Graphics, Program Development, Script Writing, Authoring, /CD & Tape Duplication, and Camera Rentals

Leftfield Pictures is a reality television powerhouse with hundreds of hours of cutting-edge and innovative unscripted programming, airing on various major networks. Our ratings-grabbing shows are rooted in strong storytelling and casting, and run the gamut from compelling character-driven pieces to laugh-out-loud comedies. Leftfield Pictures has pioneered a new standard of television: Delivering shows with both ‘laugh and learn’ elements that entertain and also inform the audience.

Based in Manhattan with over 40,000 sq feet of office space, Leftfield is consistently churning out quality programming that is developed internally, powered by its 50+ person casting department that is at the forefront of who and what is next in reality television. In addition to original concept, Leftfield is known for being a great partner to independent producers and to networks who bring the company their ideas.

Leftfield Corporate/Internal Videos & Commercials
Added on 3/23/2009
This is a demo reel of Corporate Video and Commercials we have done at Leftfield Pictures.

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