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441 E Mound St
Columbus, Ohio 43215

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I'AMedia is a full service video production company.
- Creative writing and development
- Crew for hire, camera gear, and G&E
- Edit suite (15x18) with vocal recording booth
- Aerial Videography (FAA licensed) Phantom 4k and DJI Inspire 1 (two man, 4k)
- Meeting spaces
- Shooting space

We have been in the industry since 2003.

Added on 11/5/2016

2013 film YEARS END directed by Joshua A. Porter


Why would I highly recommend IAM Media? Because of all the successful projects we've done together! Josh Porter & his team are pros who deliver affordable, quality video productions. Josh is always interested in improving his craft and his services. Take my advice...hire I AM Media for your video!

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