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HDaerial, Texas and Virginia, has the new Inspire 2 Zenmuse X5S Drone, recording at 5.2k and stills at 20.8MP. Wireless remote focus and iris. We also have 6 and 8 blade Heavy Lift UAV's. We are legal with FAA 333 and Part 107 certified and licensed pilots. Fully insured. Our manned division provides the Cineflex V14, Cineflex Elite and Cineflex Ultra. Offices in Asburn, Virginia / Washington DC and Austin, Texas. We film throughout North America, the Caribbean, Mexico and the World. HDaerial specializes in aerial coordination, aerial cinematographers, highly trained technicians, helicopters, experienced pilots, fuel trucks, insurance and safety officers. HDaerial's manned systems include V14 Cineflex, Elite; housing the Arri Alexa, while the Cineflex Ultra houses the RED camera, GSS Gimbal with the Alexa XT/25-250 Optimo lens. Various camera mounts and stabilized systems for air or ground production. Additionally we fly Gyron, Tyler Middle Mount ll and Major Mounts.
Live broadcast (RF; Circuit of the Americas, Breeders Cup, NASCAR, Kuwait Constitutional 50th),
Feature Films (Atlas Shrugged, Noble Things, Rudderless, Green Ghost),
Reality Shows (Black Gold, Turbine Cowboys, Bait Car, Cougars),
National Commercials (Coors Beer, United Rental, Humble Oil, Toyota, Acura),
Documentaries (Animal Planet, Potomac by Air).
Oil / gas pipeline, electrical utilities transmission lines and other related industries.
MoVI M15 gyro stabilized gimbal with the Exhauss Exoskeleton.

We have been in the industry since 1994.

UAV / Drone aerial demo
Added on 2/21/2018

The beautiful aerial images of the Marriot Ranch Bed and Breakfast located in Hume, VA were captured by our Drone Pilot/Camera Operator, Richard Trub, using the Inspire 2 and the Zenmuse X5S camera…

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