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Local 487 I.A.T.S.E.


To utilize my creative style, clerical skills, design talents and extensive fashion knowledge to develop marketable fashions to sell on my website and national trade shows, also to create a name for myself in the film and stage and music industries. I am available to travel and also passport ready if necessary.

Professional Experience;

Will to Adorn 2012 Fashion Show - Fashion presentation at Smithsonian Institute

Christopher Schafer BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS - fashion show for the Leukemia Lymphoma foundation

New York Fashion Week from years 2012 I have participated in various capacities in New York Fashion Week either showing my collection or working back stage since 1986

MD Fashion Award Nominie 2012 - Top nominee for Ready To Wear category for 2012 Maryland Fashion Awards

2012 Web Exotique Photo Shoot - This project was a photoshoot created in order to promote a designer collection , I scouted and secured the location , did all of the art direction and styling for the project as well as selected models.

2012 Wardrobe Designer - on this project I created a deign for an ABC promo for actress Penny Johnson Jerald for the TV show CASTLE

2011FANASTIC- on this project I worked as a wardrobe supervisor . My duties were designing and sewing all of the wardrobe , and selecting models for a global project to raise more awareness about the effects of HIV www.dailymotion.com/carlouspalmer to see the finished video

2011Greater Than Friends Movie- On this project I was the wardrobe supervisor creating looks for all of the characters for an independant student film

2010 A SINGLE ACT MOVIE - on this feature film project I was the wardrobe supervisor , my responsibility was to create looks for the cast , design and set up wardrobe space in all locations , continuity , .

2010 Baltimore's Fashion Week- on this project my duties were to select all of the designers that would appear in the Fashion Week presentation. assuer that all of the garments were rack ready and that designers were able to present ther garments and themselves in a professional manner.

2009 Presidential Inaugural - My talents were enlisted by Local 22 and the Secret Service to act as support staff for The Commander and Chief’s Ball at The National Building Museum, as well as the various Neighborhood Balls at the Convention Center .

2008 My Fair Lady – In this production I was a part of the hair and makeup support team .

2007 “National Treasure Two’’- Assisted in coordinating extras for a major motion picture, doing necessary detailed work to free up time for lead support staff.

2006 -“Step Up”- Baltimore Film Project- Assisted in wardrobe as well as acting as a background artist.

2006 - Carlous Palmer Style Tour Television Project- Produced and directed show chose wardrobe for a cable show for CBMC Cable Network. (Marilyn Harris-Davis)

2005 -Walter Arias-Photography Project-International fashion photographer website project.

Pulled wardrobe from various Miami Boutiques and dressed models, provided scene continuity. www.walterarias.com (Walter Arias)

2003-“Thirteen Days”- Film Project- Washington , DC. Wardrobe staff and continuity for Isis Musenden


Baltimore School for the Arts- Baltimore City

Fashion Institute of Technology-NYC

Baltimore City Community College- Baltimore

Additional Information: I have linked my talents with artist of various disciplines, often using my clerical skills, and creative know how to serve artist in an attempt to free them

of personal and business task that hinder them from projecting all of their creative energies into their specialized area of work, therefore making a more stress free situation for the artist I have dressed models for Vicky Soble, Ermanigildo Zena, Gene Ewing, Issey Miyake and many others , through my time at F.I.T . My experience reaches back as far as 1982 and more of my work can be furnished upon request.

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We have been in the industry since 1986.

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