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Tom Maloney

Chicago, Illinois

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My work includes on location mixing and recording for:

• Commercials
• Documentaries
• Corporate Productions
• Films
• Web Series

Added on 12/3/2014

Chevy spot featuring Andrew Shaw of the Chicago Blackhawks


Tom is the first person I call when I need audio. He is quick to adjust in a changing shooting environment and I always get good audio. He's not afraid to speak up if he suspects something is wrong in the audio or other areas of the shoot that could blow our shot. As many times I am the crew this is immensely helpful. At the end of the shoot he provides me with backup Wav files. He is friendly and works well with my clients too. Great choice.

Tom is an awesome location sound provider and a professional at his craft. He know his stuff and will work with you till the end no matter how tough a job. His expertise and knowledge was amazing when we hired Tom for short film "200" over fall 2010.

A Jay Rupani

Experienced. Dependable. Reliable. And man, has he got the goods! This guy knows what he's talking about when he does audio. He's been around so he knows what works and what doesn't. And he'll hang with you throughout the toughest, longest, most grueling shoot days you can throw at him. His equipment is top rate and his talent just as stupendous. If you need a "go to" sound guy for a critical production, Tom is your man. Period.

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