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Amadin - Filmmakers/Storytellers From Script to Screen.

Our bliss & choice is to use the powerful medium of the media like film & TV to positively change the world.

We know that movies and all media can have meaning, bring awareness, raise consciousness, create change, and earn profits.

Whether it's a commercial, innovative Internet content, music video, documentary, TV show or feature film shot on film, HD or video, we work around the world wherever the story takes us. We create inspiring, uplifting, entertaining and very successful film & TV projects from creation to completion.

The quality of our productions is built upon the foundation of an entertaining and meaningful story. With quality creative writing, visionary directing, powerful acting, beautiful visuals, moving music and other auditory elements, we collaboratively create compelling media whatever the format or its final destination.

We specialize in producing media with meaning of the highest quality for less than mainstream, traditional companies. We are especially adept at working in remote, rugged locations around the world in any culture and environment. We specialize in creative, innovative, out of the box thinking and utilizing the best of the past with the latest technology. New digital formats (8K, 6K, 4K, 3D, UHD), Film, High Definition video, or future acquisition formats are utilized according to what works best for each project. We adapt quickly to changes in production and exhibition, yet always maintain focus on our core business - creating quality content.

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Learn more about our current global blockbuster motion picture project, "The ATMA Study."

We have won several prestigious Telly Awards for our work.
* The Telly Awards are like regional Emmy's that are judged by industry professionals to recognize outstanding work.
If you require or desire the best quality, high-end media like movies, TV, video commercials, Internet viral videos and other marketing or training programs contact us.

Unless your are dedicated to excellence and willing to pay for it, then do not waste our time.

Sincerely, Kyle Schmierer writer-producer-director www.Amadin.biz

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