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Scott McKibben is a photographer, cinematographer, visual artist, and musician based out of Asheville, NC. Through out the years, Scotts curiosity for the arts has developed a rather expansive body of work. Primarily concentrating in video and photography, Scott, has developed a professional career as a freelance film maker and photographer. For over a decade, Scott, has filmed for television networks such as Food Network, Cooking Channel, TLC, BET, History Channel, Discovery, Nat Geo Wild, and many more. Aside from his career in television, Scott, has directed and operated on music video's for artist such as Rising Appalachia, Maggie Koerner, Blair Crimmins, Koan, Paleface, and more. The combination of song with moving visuals is Scotts earliest influence in his path into the world of video work. Therefore, he quickly fell in love with working on projects with musicians. During his time in New Orleans, Scott, started a documentary project under the alias, Eye of the Crow. The Eye of the Crow project captures intimate vignettes of the underground music and art culture. Each video was filmed in a one continuous take. This voyeuristic style of filming, gives the viewer a sense being the ghost at a party. Concluding that, Scotts work proves to be malleable within a diverse spectrum of genres. From werewolf's to floi gras, Scott has been able to adapt a unique creative style to any project.

In addition to Scott's commercial video and photography work, he continues to produce a wide array of creations through various art projects and mediums. In January of 2018, Scott McKibben opened his first art gallery in Asheville, North Carolina. Scotts gallery is mysteriously located in a 100 year old basement cooler in the Phil Mechanics Studios. A rotating collection of photographs from the past fifteen years is on display and prints available for purchase. A diverse archive of travel and experimental photography as well as mixed media pieces line the walls in this underground space hidden deep underneath the enchanting halls of one of the River Arts Districts most historic art studio spaces. As well as Scotts space in the River Arts District, Scotts "Big Chief Bryce" collection is on display at the Museum of Dance and Feathers in the Lower Ninth Ward neighborhood of New Orleans, LA. Proceeds of prints from this collection go towards Big Chief Bryce and the continuation of honoring the heritage of Mardi Gras Indian culture in New Orleans.

Continuing a consistent undertone for his connection with the Sun and relationship between time and space, Scott, continues to develop new expressions of art and plans to further his creative narrative that began in 2009. Amongst his days in Atlanta, Scott began working on a body of work influenced by the relationship between humans and their surroundings. In 2010 he introduced this body of work during his first solo art exhibit under the title, SEEDS. A combination of photography, melted wax, chalk, paint, and found objects where assembled together to represent no more than his relationship with inanimate objects and the movements that assembled them. The intention behind the series was to spontaneously make decisions based upon the suns movements. Scott currently is working on his next series of artwork that will be curated under the title, Sprouts. Through out his process, Scott, has continued to explore what it is to be human and ability to build connection with the environment, culture, and spirit.

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Scott McKibben 2016 DP Reel
Added on 7/1/2020
Director of Photography Scott McKibben 2016 DP Reel www.byscottmckibben.com

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