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Sales Manager,
Compix Character Driven Graphics, Irvine, CA February 2011 - present

- Business development
- Sales engineering, marketing, and researching
- Strength in motivating and coaching Compix Team
- Global management experience in business and sales
- Build relationships with high profile clientele (fortune 1000 companies)
- Understanding TV station platforms, integration, and media standards
- Selling and managing complex hardware and IT based system solutions
- broadcast experience (Live, Pre/Post Production) Covering various production positions.
- Organizing and researching new marketing techniques in order to expand customer base
- I try to think like an entrepreneur. Presenting new sales & marketing concepts to further the company
- I go above and beyond and reach my Quarterly goals by utilizing researched techniques to expand sales.
- Organizing and creating online content (commercials, tutorials, viral advertising, Facebook, LinkedIn, & YouTube)
- Sales Engineering: Providing technical learning seminars (software, hardware, industry standards, Video in general)
- Working our booth at SMPTE, HD World, and NAB shows in order to create relationships inside the industry while discovering and learning about new media platforms
- I organized our CRM sales and focused on a methodology that makes sense for social media & search engines (new model of business because of a new generation of customers)

Tech Support Specialist for Customers
Compix Character Driven Graphics, Irvine, CA April 2010 - February 2011

- Learning the new software before its released.
- Collaboration with Sales to show off and sell our products.
- Understanding TV stations platforms, integration, and media standards.
- Recreation of TV studios in analog, digital, and HD; utilizing BNC cables.
- Providing customer demos and training over the web via
- Organizing and creating online tutorials for customers with Camtasia Studios.
- Providing technical support to important customers 24/7 in pressured situations.
- Fixing computers hardware and software issues on the fly in pressured situations.
- Providing Q&A, finding software bugs and giving feedback to our software engineers.
- Integrating new software with other software. Providing input about new software design/layout.
- Providing technical learning seminars to our other employees about various subjects (software, hardware, industry standards, Video in general).

Video Specialist for Global Sales
Comsys Consulting for Cisco Systems Inc., San Jose, CA May 2009 – April 2010

- C-vision development & help
- Embed video content to a web page using HTML formats
- Develop internal videos, external videos, customer videos
- I was asked to give a talk at SFSU about my experience in a real production environment.
- This is inclusive of scripting, filming, directing, and editing these videos from start to finish.
- Designing motion graphics from scratch using my own creativity for video content. (AE)(apple’s motion)
- Requests often come with only one to two days of turnaround time, resulting in high-pressure deadlines for deals that are potentially worth millions.
- We work in a fast paced environment where deadlines are deadlines, extending my work day beyond the typical 8 hour day. I am willing to work and go the extra mile.
- Execute the filming process from start to finish for high-level proposal videos, featuring Account Managers, Systems Engineers, and Executives who deliver a client-specific message for a Cisco product or technology.

Project Manager / Director
Design Visionaries and, San Jose, CA July 2008 – May 2009

- Creation of viral video content for
- Meetings with the CEO to discuss our business plans.
- Pitching business proposals for new video commercials for customers.
- Marketing our videos over the web, while driving new content to our viewers.
- I provided commercial videos for Online Metals, Design Visionaries and
- Work on post production for sound effects, music, special effects, lover thirds, text, and video content.
- Prepare video proposals (shot sheet, script, and summary) for our own content, and customer’s content.
- Carry out my Directing role and producing role, by hiring actors, setting up lighting, cameras, green screen, and props necessary for the complete video.

We have been in the industry since 2008.

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