Patrick Borowiak

Wilmington, North Carolina


About Me

"Under the Dome" (A Camera) Pilot, Season 1, Season 2
"The Devils Hand" (A Camera)
"Homeland" (A Camera) Pilot, Season 1, Season 2
"April Fools Day" (B-Camera)
"Bolden" (Camera Tech)
"Asylum" (A Camera)
"Hounddog" (A-Camera)
"Surface" (B-Camera) NBC episodic
"Crazy Eights"(A camera)
"Dirt Nap" (Dayplayer) / "Dead Heist" (Operator)/ "3- The Dale Earnhardt Story" / "Dawson''s Creek"( 5 seasons) / "One Tree Hill" (DAYPLAYER-Seasons 1 2 and 3) / "Cry Wolf" (DAYPLAYER) / "Red means Go" / "Brookfield" / "Muppets From Space" / "Bruno" / "Shadrach" /"The Closest Thing To Heaven" / "The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood"
Commercials, Music Videos. etc...

Experienced with all major camera systems, Remote heads, Stedicam, Hydroflex, Eyemo, Etc...

Owns Remote head systems, Remote Focus units, etc...

I have been in the industry since 1992.

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