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I am a freelance Sound Designer, Editor, Mixer and Recording Engineer for a variety of audio related projects, including film & theatre, commercial audio and voiceover demos, audio books, and bands.

I have a strong passion for the use of sound as a story telling element. The bulk of my current work as a freelance sound designer stems from film, animation, and live theatre; all narrative forms that allow me to collaborate with a production team and express a great level of creativity and influence on the project at hand. One of my strengths as a designer is my knowledge and use of MS (Mid-Side) sound playback. MS technique only requires a stereo environment, but incorporating it into my stereo mixes gives the spatial quality of the sound mix a 3rd dimension, using out-of-phase audio signals to make sound stretch out beyond the limits of stereo speakers into an enveloping aural experience.
Mixing for Internet and TV broadcast is very familiar to me. I’ve worked various commercial projects for local post-production houses (Wheeler Audio and Liquid 9), as well as mixed 3 seasons of a local interview-based TV program called CinemaKC.

I am fast and efficient using Pro Tools, as I have worked with it daily for nearly 5 years to date, and I integrate design and composition into my workflow through the use of plug-ins and MIDI applications like Waves, Kontakt and Absynth. I am familiar with the integration of Soundminer. I am well rounded in studio recording and microphone technique, having recorded, edited and mixed projects from small audio books to full bands.

I also can perform location audio recording services. I own the equipment I use, including Rode Boom Mic, Sennheiser Lavs, and Zoom and Korg Digital Recorders.

Please view my company website, www.FrontierAudio.com, or my portfolio website, www.DCWSound.com for more information and examples of my work.

I have been in the industry since 2005.

Daniel Warneke Film Sound Reel
Added on 2/18/2014
A compilation for sound effects design, audio editing, and mixing by Daniel Warneke

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