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Albuquerque, New Mexico 87144


About Us

We provide comprehensive location management and scouting services to film, television, and commercial productions. Throughout New Mexico and the southwest we are chosen as the most proficient and professional location management team. We understand the complexities of location filming and our mission is to deliver creative and cost effective solutions. We are expanding daily with our production ready locations through our location search initiative. Giving our directors the ability to pick and choose the right locations from our files will reduce scouting times and cost. We eliminate the "wait and see factor".

We take pride in our craft and we strongly believe in community friendly location management. We provide unparalleled location services. Our team is ready to take on any size production. Whether you need complete location management for a feature, or one location for a video shoot, choosing us will be a valued decision. We are problem solvers, not creators and we deliver well thought out solutions to any challenge. Our absolute goal is to make the location filming process as uncomplicated as possible.

We are extremely proficient with all aspects of film, video and print productions. From management, permits, logistics and equipment to accurately budgeting your project, We Do It Best! We utilize local resources and local knowledge to give you a time efficient and cost effective production experience in New Mexico.

We have been in the industry since 1999.

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