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Sound Mixer – “American Rehab: Virginia”; S1; Ep 101 - 110; HGTV / DIY Network; (2015) – Tayloe and his wife restore Mount Airy, their 250-year old Virginia estate. Mixed sound on SD633 mixer for talent from Lectrosonics lavaliere mics and shotgun boom mic. Sent sound to IFB & camera via hops & recorded ISO channels.
TV Show Website -
Production Company: Magnetic Productions
➢ Sound Mixer – “Being K. Michelle”; The BET Honors Awards; Centric TV; (2015) – Sound Mixer for BET reality TV show “Being K. Michelle”. Mixed sound for talent and OTF interviews with K. Michelle, Usher, Wayne Brady, Ne-yo, et al. using lavaliere and shotgun mics, recorded to ISO channels to mixer for The 2015 BET Honors Awards.
Being K. Michelle TV Show -
BET TV Show website
➢ Sound Mixer – “Celebrity Motor Homes”; S3; EP10; GAC; (2015) – Sound Mixer for TV show of Nick Carter’s mobile home for his tour. Mixed wireless lavs for on screen talent to ISO channels and transmitted to camera hops.
TV Show Website -
➢ Sound Mixer – “The Mighty”; Grooming Tips; Commercial Vignette; (2014) – Sound Mixer for film shoot about successful veterans starting their own businesses. Mixed sound for talent from lavaliere and shotgun mics and recorded to ISO channels to mixer for barbershop walkthroughs and OTF interviews.
Video Media Website
Production Company: Vimby – A Hearst and Mark Burnett joint venture
Production Company: Channel 8 Entertainment
➢ Sound Mixer – “Living The Fantasy”; Documentary; (2014) – Documentary on the top million-dollar players in fantasy football. Mixed sound for all talent, sent sound to camera via camera hops and recorded ISO channels.
Documentary trailer -
Production Company: LPA Productions
➢ Sound Mixer – “Incarcerating US”; Documentary; (2014) – Sound Mixer for documentary on US prison system. Mixed sound for talent, including OTF interviews and recorded to camera via camera hops as well as ISO channels.
Trailer - https://vimeo.com/144888592
Production Company: Life Is My Movie Entertainment
➢ Sound Mixer – “Fix It & Finish It”; NBC and Syndication; (2014) – Sound Mixer for home improvement show; mixed sound for talent to ISO channels and camera using SD664 mixer, Lectrosonics wireless lavs and shotgun mics. Mixed sound for talent and contractors during construction and OTF interviews.
TV Show Website -
Production Company: Scott Sternberg Productions (
➢ Director/Producer – “VietFest 2014 Live Event Video”; (2014) – Produced/Directed live event video for VietFest 2014. Produced/Directed/Edited all video for the event.
Production Company: The Mystery Workshop (TMW)
➢ Sound Mixer – “Goldbely Commercials”; (2014) – Sound Mixer for restaurant commercial features. Mixed sound for talent to ISO channels for restaurant walkthroughs and OTF interviews.
• Primanti Bros. (Pittsburgh, PA) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELE1qby-hro
• Ben’s Chili Bowl (Washington, DC) –
Production Company: Buster Brown Productions (http://www.busterbrownproductions.com)
➢ Sound Mixer – “101 Sand n' Surf Hotspots”; Miniseries; Travel Channel; (2014) – Sound Mixer for film shoots in Chincoteague Island, VA, Assateague State Park, MD and Hatteras, NC. Mixed sound & recorded to ISO channels.
• Assateague State Park, MD and Chincoteague Island, VA: http://tinyurl.com/oazqyqx
• Hatteras, NC: http://tinyurl.com/o6s4gah
TV Show Website: http://www.travelchannel.com/shows/101-sand-n-surf-hotspots
Production Company: Sharp Entertainment (http://www.sharpentertainment.com)
➢ Sound Mixer – “City Slam: Washington, DC”; S9; ESPN; (2014) – Sound Mixer for regional slam-dunk competition. Each city's best baller moves on to the regional competition to become the best playground dunker in America. Mixed sound for judges Lavar Arrington, Sam Cassell, Bria Hartley and Reese Waters.
Production Company: Digital Realm, Inc. (http://www.digitalrealminc.com)
➢ Sound Mixer– “Memorabilia”; Documentary Feature; (2014) – Sound Mixer for documentary on sports memorabilia auctions. Reggie Jackson stars in the feature where sports memorabilia from Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra and other famous sports figures are auctioned. Mixed sound for all talent to ISO channels.
Production Company: Prospect Productions (www.prospectproduction.com)
➢ Sound Mixer– “Upbringing”; Documentary Feature; (2014) – Sound Mixer for documentary on a father who is also in a band. Mixed sound for all talent in a concert environment. Recorded ISO channels for individual talent.
Production Co: The Fearless Group (www.thefearlessgroup.com) and Shooters (www.shootersinc.com)
➢ Producer/Director – “VietFest 2014 Commercial”; Commercial; (2014) – Produced/directed commercial for the VietFest 2014 Festival. Shot locations around the DC area with a variety of talent including the Redskins Cheerleaders to Pharrell’s “Happy” song.
➢ Actor/Appearance as Self – “Restaurant Impossible: With Robert Irvine”; S9; Ep8; Reality Show; Food Network; (2014) – Appeared as himself on TV reality show with Robert Irvine. Participated as restaurant guest in restaurant grand reopening reveal.
TV Show Website - http://www.foodnetwork.com/shows/restaurant-impossible.html
Production Company: Marc Summers Productions (http://www.marcsummerstv.com)
➢ Sound Supervisor – “Turnaround Arts”; Documentary; (2014) – Michelle Obama stars in this film that illustrates how the Arts can make significant, positive changes in high poverty schools and how it increases family engagement and teacher collaboration. Orchard Gardens School: Mixed sound for talent to ISO channels & sent to cameras.
Media websites - http://turnaroundarts.pcah.gov ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMoPoSTgc5A
Production Company: Fastback Pictures (http://www.fastbackpictures.com)
➢ Sound Supervisor – “Little Leaguerz”; S1; ESPN; (2014) – Sound Supervisor for reality show pilot of little league players competing for a championship. Mixed sound for 5 on screen talent to ISO channels and sent mixed scratch channels to camera via camera hops. Recorded game audio and OTF interviews. Ran IFB to crew for reference.
Production Company: River Wood Entertainment, LLC
➢ Sound Mixer – “Rock This Boat”; S1; Ep1; POP TV and TV Guide Network (TVGN); (2014) – Sound Mixer for reality show of New Kids On The Block (NKOTB) fans who compete to go on a cruise with the NKOTB band members. Mixed sound for 5 on screen talent to ISO channels and sent mixed channels to camera via camera hops.
TV Show Trailer - https://vimeo.com/110195288
TV Show Promo - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTAybW6RHco
Production Company: Jarrett Creative Group (http://www.jarrettcreative.com)
➢ Sound Mixer – “The Swirl”; S1; Lifetime Network; (2014) – Sound Mixer for reality show pilot about a boutique dating service that specializes in interracial dating. Mixed audio for talent to ISO channels for OTF interviews.
Production Company: Wendy Williams Productions (http://wendywilliamsproductions.com)
➢ Sound Mixer – “American Grilled”; S1; The Travel Channel; (2014) – Sound Mixer for food competition reality show using Sound Devices 664 mixer, wireless lavs, camera hops, IFB, etc.
Show website - http://www.travelchannel.com/video/everythings-coming-together
Episode outtake video - http://tinyurl.com/ofnjkwk
Production Company: Original Media (http://www.originalmedia.com)
➢ Sound Mixer/Boom Operator – “A Haunting”; S7; Destination America (Discovery); (2014) –
Boom Operator for on site Sound Mixer capturing production sound to Sound Devices 664 mixer.
Show website - http://www.destinationamerica.com/tv-shows/a-haunting
Production Company: New Dominion Pictures (http://www.newdominion.com)
➢ Sound Mixer – “Sunday Best”; with Kirk Franklin; S7; BET; (2014) – Sound Mixer for BET's competition reality TV show "Sunday's Best". Mixer sound for multi-camera reality TV shoot responsible for mixing sound and master time code for the show host Kirk Franklin and show contestants in Memphis, TN.
Show website - http://www.bet.com/shows/sunday-best.html
➢ Sound Mixer – “Minnesota Twins Sports Promo”; TV Show; (2014) – Sound Mixer for multi-camera interviews with Minnesota Twins broadcasters Bert Blyleven and Dick Bremer, Minnesota Twins General Manager Ron Gardenhire, and Minnesota Twins pitcher Ricky Nolasc. Responsible for mixing sound for on site production for 3 cameras and separate isolated channel recordings.
Production Company: Elite Edge Productions (http://eliteedge.tv)
➢ Sound Mixer – “Firestone / Fox Sports”; National Commercial; (2014) – Sound Mixer for Firestone/Fox Sports national commercial shoot with Jake Peavy of the Boston Red Sox and MLB Hall of Fame player Bert Blyleven of the Minnesota Twins. Provided sound mixing for all talent via camera hops and ISO channel recordings.
Production Company: Elite Edge Productions (http://eliteedge.tv)
➢ Sound Mixer – “Food Court Wars” with Tyler Florence; Reality TV Show; Food Network; (2014) –
Mixed sound on Sound Devices 664 mixer for host Tyler Florence and food competition actors. Recorded Lectrosonics lavaliere mics and shotgun boom mic. Sent sound to IFB and camera via hops and ISO channels.
TV Show Website - http://tinyurl.com/l4ho8x2
Production Company: One Potato Two Potato (http://onepotatotwopotato.tv)
➢ Sound Mixer – “Sisqo Kid”; Reality TV Show; Bravo; (2013) – Sound Mixer for reality TV show pilot starring Sisqo from the Hip-Hop group Dru Hill. Recorded Lectrosonics lavaliere mics and shotgun boom mic. Sent sound to IFB and camera via hops and recorded ISO channels for talent during production and during OTF interviews.
Production Company: Workaholic Productions (http://workaholictv.com)
➢ Sound Mixer – “Thorsen Brothers” (Working Title); Reality TV Show; HGTV; (2013) –
Sound Mixer for reality TV show pilot mixed 3 actors to individual ISO channels using lav and shotgun mics.
Production Company: Go Go Luckey Entertainment (http://www.gogoluckey.com)
➢ Sound Mixer – “DC Girls” (Working Title); Reality TV Show; Bravo; (2013) – Sound Mixer for reality TV show pilot recording 6 actors to individual high quality ISO channels. Recorded productions sound and OTF interviews.
Production Company: Go Go Luckey Entertainment (http://www.gogoluckey.com)
➢ Camera Operator – Princeton Football Game Films; Sports Media; NFL Films; (2013) –
Production Company: Princeton University Football - Filmed footage of football game for both on field and from the press box. Footage was used for Princeton Football as well as for NFL Films.
Film Footage - http://vimeo.com/75876333
➢ Sound Mixer/ Boom Operator – “Crimes and Mister Meanors”; Family Drama Feature; (2013) –
Synopsis: 2 teens uncover U.S. history through a time traveling patriot who had an active role in founding America. Mixed sound for all talent using wireless lavs, shotgun mics and recorded ISO channels to mixer/reorder.
Movie Trailer - https://vimeo.com/102952824
Production Company: Creekside Films (http://creeksidefilms.webs.com)
➢ Sound Mixer/ Boom Operator - “MRIS SOLD!”; National TV Commercial; (2013) –
Synopsis: National commercial promoting the new MRIS Real Estate website application. Mixed sound for all talent using wireless lavs, shotgun mics and recorded ISO channels to mixer/reorder.
Commercial - http://tinyurl.com/my63q37
Production Company: Lewis Limited Productions (http://www.lewislimited.com)
➢ Sound Mixer/ Boom Operator - “The Touchstone”; Teen Comedy Feature; (2012) –
Synopsis: A student on a high school field trip uncovers a relic that makes whoever has it irresistible to virgins, but he and his friends face disaster when they try to use it to get the girls of their dreams. Mixed sound for all talent using wireless lavs, shotgun mics and recorded ISO channels to mixer/reorder.
Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5h09U7JLxcI
IMDB Listing - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2160407
Production Company: Red Carpet Media (https://www.facebook.com/RedCarpetMediaGroup)
➢ Sound Mixer/Recordist/Assistant Director - “Living With Lycanthropy”; Comedy Film Short; (2012) –
Synopsis: A werewolf goes on about his daily routine in this homage to classic monster movies. Award winner of the 2013 Los Angeles Vampire Film Fest.
IMDB Listing - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2325829/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1a
Production Company: The Mystery Workshop (TMW) (www.themysteryworkshop.com)
➢ Producer – “LARPnecks”; Comedy Film Short; (2011) – Produced a film short for the 48-hour Film Project. The film was written, filmed, edited and submitted all within 48 hours for the 2011 Washington, DC 48-Hour Film Festival.
Film - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blprTdYHUmU
Production Company: The Mystery Workshop (TMW) (www.themysteryworkshop.com)
➢ Sound Mixer/Recordist - “Love and Alysha”; Romantic Comedy Feature; (2011) –
Synopsis: Feature film shot on the Red One Camera, similar to “Bend it like Beckham” - An Indian-American girl tells her traditional parents that she’s pregnant, decide about an arranged marriage back in India, or her new love interest in America. Production Company: Jagadeesh Productions
➢ Producer/1st Assistant Director - “The Pickman Incident”; Sci-Fi/Horror Feature; (2011) –
Synopsis: Planetary paleontologist Gordon Pickman crash lands on a planet to find the inhabitants have been infected with a pandemic virus. Produced preproduction, production and post for film.
Production Company: The Mystery Workshop (TMW) (www.themysteryworkshop.com)
➢ Sound Mixer – “Yard Sale 411”; Reality TV Show; (2011) – Sound Mixer for reality show. Mixed lavaliere and shotgun mics and sent mixed sound via camera hops to camera. Worked in a fast paced "run and gun" reality style for film shoot. Production Companies: Breadwin Productions (http://www.breadwinproductions.com) and
Fade In/Fade Out Productions (http://fadein-fadeoutproductions.com)
➢ Director/Associate Producer - “Lipstixx Girls”; Docudrama Feature; (2010) –
Synopsis: “The Wire” meets “Sex in the City” cable series – A cable pilot series that explores the world of teenage inner-city girls, their friends, families, struggles, and their fashion. Based on true events.
Teaser Trailer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TKbzQK58e4
Production Company: Indie5 Films (http://indie5films.com)
➢ Sound Mixer/Recordist/Assoc. Producer - “Through The Cracks”; Docudrama Feature; (2009) –
Synopsis: The story of a young, single mother who suffers from mental illness. The movie explores the failure and limitations of the social service systems to protect children in need. Entered in Sundance & Tribeca festivals.
Movie Website - www.throughthecracksthemovie.com
Production Company: Indie5 Films (http://indie5films.com)
➢ Director/Associate Producer - “Prez 2 Prez”; Sitcom Pilot; (2008) –
Synopsis: “The Real World” meets “Mad TV”. A political comedy where President Obama and his family are forced to live in a house with VP Hillary and her husband Bill Clinton.
Trailer - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7OOFUSDAWk
Production Company: Indie5 Films (http://indie5films.com)
➢ Director – “Estrangement”; Baltimore 48-Hour Film Contest; Thriller Short; (2008) –
Production Company: Nothing Sacred Productions - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgLpwen8yfY
➢ Director – “The Bet”; National 48-hour Film Contest; Comedy/Action Short; (2007) –
Production Company: Nothing Sacred Productions - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1YTcZpGtis
➢ Producer – “Live Right: Straight Talk on Teen Substance Abuse”; TV Miniseries; (2006) –
Synopsis: Public Service program - A six hour, in depth documentary on teen substance abuse. The segments include interviews with Maryland Governor First Lady Kendal Ehrlich, addicts, parents, doctors, police, and researchers who discuss teen substance abuse and offer suggestions on treatment for this national health crisis. Televised on Comcast Cable and 2006 recipient of MADD’s National Media Award for Community Awareness. Production Company: Chesapeake Productions
➢ Field Producer – “On The Campaign Trail”; Documentary; MPT/Comcast/ABC/NBC; TV Miniseries; (2002) –
Synopsis: A unique four part documentary produced by embedding a camera crew in the election campaign of Robert Ehrlich and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend for Maryland Governor during the 2002 race. The segments include behind the scenes coverage of both camps along with impromptu interviews with aids, spouses and the candidates themselves. Footage televised on Comcast Cable and purchased by ABC’s 20/20, NBC’s ‘Today’ show and other national networks. Production Company: Chesapeake Productions

• Over 15 years managing Federal, State and commercial contracts from $200K to $14M
• Over 11 years experience managing teams of up to 50 personnel

• Screenwriting - UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television - Hal Ackerman; Fall 2015
• The Secrets To Film Distribution - Indie Film Academy (IFA) - Jerome Courshon; Fall 2015
• Fix Your Pitch – International Screenwriters’ Association (ISA) – Screenwriter Jacob Krueger; Fall 2015
• Show Business Budgeting Residuals Forecasting – Media Services; Fall 2015
• Show Business Budgeting & Actualization for Line Producers & Production Accountants - Media Services; Fall 2015
• Hollywood Camera Work - Fall 2011
• Screenwriting Workshop - Washington Film Institute (WFI) - William Roth; Fall 2010
• 2-Day Film School – Dov Simens - New York City, NY; December 11-12, 2010
• Working with International Crews, Docs In Progress - Jay Schlossberg; January 2010
• Screenwriting: Writing for Film, Movies & TV – Marc Lapadula; October 2007
• Film Lighting Techniques, American University Film School – Randal Blair; June 2007
• Location Sound and Recording, American University Film School – Mike Boyle; June 2007

• Movie Magic Budget & Scheduling
• Celtx Pre-Production Scene Breakdowns
• Doddle Call Sheets • Final Draft
• Excel spreadsheet movie budgeting (above line/below line)

Sound Equipment:
• 5 Sennheiser Wireless lavaliere mics (A, B, G bandwidths)
• Edirol/Roland R-44 4-Channel Field Mixer/Recorder
• Microphone boom pole and shotgun mics
• Sennheiser MKE 600 - Shotgun Microphone
• Audio-Technica Omni-Directional Lavalier Condenser Microphone
• Shure FP-33 Field Mixer
• Mackie 12 Channel Mic/Line Mixer Camera Equipment:
• Canon DSLR & Lenses
• ProAim Shoulder Mount Rig and Follow Focus
• Panasonic HVX200 Camera
• Letus Ultimate 35mm Depth of Field Adapter
• Firestore FS-100

Grip Equipment:
• Camera jib boom
• Track dolly

I have been in the industry since 2000.

Living The Fantasy Trailer
Added on 1/20/2016
Trailer for the "Living The Fantasy" documentary. In the rapidly growing world of high stakes fantasy football, we follow 5 of the industry's top players as they grind it out for championships, bragging rights and more than one MILLION dollars in cash. But when a game that was once known for its geeks and friendly basement wagers becomes a multi-billion dollar industry, and fantasy becomes reality, who wins and who loses? This is Living the Fantasy.

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