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If you’re just in the city for a few days and need some help capturing the real Vancouver then we are the people to help you do it.

We specialise in helping small scale productions / corporate / stills photography/ documentary shoots who need assistance discovering the city. If you are just in town for a short time and don’t want the full services of a larger more costly production company or freelance location manager we can do what you require.

We can arrange for a local runner / driver to pick up you and your crew and take you around the city, getting the shots that you need. With a first hand knowledge of living in the city they’ll be able to answer any of your questions and give you suggestions to get the material you need.

We can arrange all clearances and permissions for small crews to film around the city and will contact any privately owned areas, ensuring you can simply point and shoot whatever you require. We can take you to film the bustling downtown, touristic Gastown, the spectacular Stanley Park or any of the amazing ski hills or beautiful beaches on Vancouver’s door step.
We have a wide array of library photos to get you started, but if you require something more specific we have experienced location scouts dedicated to finding the right locations for you.

We can do as much or as little as you like, but we guarantee that you will get all the shots you need and go away with a real feel for Vancouver. It doesn’t just have to be all work and no play though as we can organise your social life too for that precious free time you have available. Whether its ice hockey, football, dining or simply a few local drinks we’ll set you up with some fantastic Vancouver memories.

Our team has over 10 years combined locations experience in Canada and the UK working on Feature Films, TV Productions, Documentaries, Stills Photography, Commercials, Corporate Videos and Music Videos with crews from around the world.

- Other production services are available. We can organise local film crews or scouting services as required.

- Interested in another city anywhere worldwide? Please get in touch - we have a vast network of international location fixers around the globe.

Please email a little more about your requirements below and we will get back to you shortly. Alternatively, please contact us by telephone:

Mr Oliver Rappard: +001 604 880 6559
Ms Synnöve Godeseth: locationfixervancouver@gmail.com

Vancouver Winter Olympics 2009 – Is your production team visiting the city for the 2009 Winter Olympics and needs a location fixer? We’re sure you are all covered for the Winter Sports but if you want to experience the real Vancouver get in touch. We can give you a real Canuck welcome and show you all that the city has to offer.

We have been in the industry since 2000.

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