Debbie Castaldi

Los Angeles, California


About Me

I am a Food Stylist and Costume Department/Wardrobe Stylist.
Food Stylists - I have worked on television commercials, feature films, infomercials, print food campaigns, editorial print advertising, and major food advertising campaigns. I can prepare food from scratch as well as enhance food already made. I can style all kinds of food. I am a team player and can bring a lot of creative ideas to the table on a shoot. I can create an environment around the food and I also can shop for all tabletop plates and accessories for the food shoot. I can also shop for all the food involved in the specific shoot. I have an eye for color and design and know what colors work well for food. I'm very professional reliable, highly organized, detail oriented and punctual. I can think quickly on my feet and keep a film shoot running smoothly. I feel I would be a great asset to your project. You can view samples of my food
images at the following site - when you log on the site
hit Sets Food Images and then slideshow

Costume Department/Wardrobe Stylists - I am very detail oriented, punctual, can organize all on set wardrobe for all characters, label and organize each character, research wardrobe, purchase wardrobe, work with costume rental houses handle all returns of rental wardrobe as well as purchased wardrobe and accessories, handle all on set continuity of all characters wardrobe, steam all wardrobe, iron all wardrobe, set up and organize all accessories for wardrobe, and keep the wardrobe department on schedule for the shoot. I know a lot about fashion, design, fabrics, textures, color and what patterns and fabrics read on film. I'm very professional, a good team player and a very reliable and hard worker. I listen and take directions very well and I'm always prepared with a solution to any unforeseen problems that may occur on set. I can work as a team member as well as on my own. I always complete any task given to me and always on time. I ask questions if I don't know and I'm always prepared with a back up suggestion. I'm a dedicated worker and understand long hours. I can work well on a budget and I can shop for clothes and accessories and know the right fashion terminology and latest fashion trends. I can keep excellent records concerning receipts and organize and keep records in an orderly manner for the shoot. I feel I would be a great asset for your film project with all the work experience I have attained over the years.

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