Nicol Miller

North Hollywood, California

About Me

I am Nicol j Miller and I am experienced non-union Script Supervisor & Covid-19 Compliance Officer


RAW (TV Pilot)
Script Editor
December 2020
Script Editor on a TV pilot for an online streaming network. Written by Hakim.

Rogue Taze (feature film)
Script Editor
December 2019 - January 2020
Script Editor on a South African action film produced by MiclnGrace Studios.
Produced by Grace Norman

THUMBWARS (new episodes)
Script Supervisor
July 2019
Script Supervisor on the newest episodes of the old series ThumbWars
Directed and Written by Steve Oedekerk

The Adventures of Pinocchio
Script Supervisor
July 2018
Script Supervisor on the animated film.
Directed by Viktor Lakisov

Frog Catcher
Script Supervisor
May - June 2018
Script Supervisor on the UCLA Master's Thesis Film.
Directed by Reina Higashitam

ReBorn (TV Pilot)
Script Supervisor
February - March 2018
Script Supervisor for a TV Pilot.
Directed and Written by Nina Childs

Crazy in Love (Web Series)
Script Supervisor
February - June 2018
Script Supervisor for a sketch comedy series on YouTube TV.
Directed and Written by Charles Allen

ME & MY OLD MAN (Webepisode)
Script Supervisor
October 2010
SCRIPT SUPERVISOR on a web epsoide filmed on location in Los Angeles, CA
Directed by Dan Smeltzer

Script Supervisor
March 2010
SCRIPT SUPERVISOR on a SAG Ultra Low Budget film. Talent yet to be attached.
Director Larry Simmons Canton, MI

KRAZY UNLEASH (Webepisode)
Script Supervisor
September 2009
Script Supervisor for a comedy web series that airs Monday at 7:30pm on YouTube
Produced by JGenius Production, Studio City, CA

Script Supervisor
December 2008 to August 2009
Script Supervisor for Sag low budget indie film starring Ray Stoney, shot on the RED camera.
Shot on location in Los Angeles,CA Directed by LazReal Lison

5K1 (FF)
Assistant Director in a low budget ($200,000) independent film shot in HD and on location in Detroit, Michigan and Los Angeles, California.
-Directed by Donnie Armstrong

July 2006
Unit Line Producer/ Script Supervisor on an ultra low budget film, Ballpark Film, Redford MI. Shot in 35mm color.
-Director Larry Simmons

April 2004
Production Assistant on DreamWorks Picture shot on location in Detroit Dream Works Pictures Los Angeles
Director Michael Bay

October 2003
Prop Master on a 2004 official Sundance Selection
independent film. Jump and Shoot LLC, Chicago, IL. Shot in 35mm color
-Directed by Harry O.

STREET LIFE (Documentary)
April 2001
Line Producer, Camera Crew wrote working outline to a rough edge
documentary about the streets of Detroit. This is currently banned in
the USA. Oh the Hush Production Southfield, MI.
-Directed by Donnie Armstrong

June 1998
Assistant Director in an ultra low budget film can be seen on
iFilms. Ballpark Records Redford, MI.
-Directed by Larry Simmons

April 1996
Script Supervisor, Associate Producer 35mm independent
film about the infamous drug cartel Y.B.I. Produced by Terry Crews,
Laquita Filmworks Detroit, MI
-Directed by Derrick Carr

I have been in the industry since 1996.


Script Editor – Raw

December, 2020 — December, 2020
Television – Propane (Hip Hop Producer)

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