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About Us

Premiere Tutoring Los Angeles is a non-traditional tutoring company. Neither a boutique business nor a large agency, Premiere has been described as a chameleon organization with the ability to adapt any curriculum, scholastic level or instructor to the academic, social and emotional requirements of the client. We understand that there is no template for a child, no formula for a teen, no blueprint for an adult; therefore, no universal path to educational maturity exists. Every student is owned by a unique circumstance and requires exclusive, unfettered attention. Premiere Tutoring specializes in matching these distinctive elements with an equivalent tutor, instructor, or coach. Any child or young adult with undernourished academic or social skills is unprepared to meet the challenges of an unforgiving world. With compassion and experience, Premiere Tutoring prepares students of all types by instilling confidence and creating self-motivated learners with the capacity to challenge the world. Remember, you don’t have to be in school to be a student.

We are also pleased to announce our new On-Set and On-Tour tutoring services to all entertainers in the Los Angeles area.

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