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Quebec, Quebec G1E 3L6

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20k is a firm of creators and consulting specialists dedicated to the design, calibration and programming of sound diffusion systems. Attentive to both the artistic and technological facets of the projects it carries out, the recently established Québec company is renowned for finding innovative and efficient solutions in everything it undertakes. 20k develops experiential sound environments that bear witness to its creativity and command of cutting-edge technology.

20k has successfully carried out a wide range of daring and complex projects at the local, national and international levels. The sound systems for numerous venues, mass audience events, international tours and exhibitions have passed through the hands of 20k’s audio professionals.


20K’s work hinges on the combined talents of its team and is based on acoustic studies conducted using high-performance software and high-precision measuring tools, which thus ensure superior sound quality at the site. 20K doesn’t just make the best of the technology available: it contributes to technological progress by developing its own professional approach.

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