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Satellite Operations
- Masters degree in telecommunications with emphasis on the satellite industry and applications.
- Eighteen years experience coordinating satellite transmissions. Extensive database of vendors.
- Purchase satellite time. Hire and coordinate downlink and turnaround services.
- Operate satellite uplink trucks at breaking news events, national sports and entertainment venues. Coordinate multiple-point corporate events.
- Operated flyaway uplink systems at Guantanamo Bay, China, Southeast Asia, and the Mideast. Prepared equipment and documentation for international shipments.
- Install, maintain, and replace satellite equipment. Perform troubleshooting and medium level repairs to equipment. Diagnose equipment errors and coordinate repairs.
- Developed checklists and standardized kits for remote installations. Write instructions and Quick Sheets for system setup and operations. Write technical bulletins and procedures.
- Installed and operated Tiernan and Tandberg HD and SD video encoders, multiplexers, modulators, upconverters, amplifiers, receivers, and IRDs. System experience with routers, distribution amplifiers, monitoring, and measurement devices. Some experience with encryption protocols.
- Experience with up to 5-meter transportable uplink antennas, DBS systems, and broadcast quality downlink antennas.

Television Production
- Twenty years experience supervising studio and remote multi-camera productions including teleconferences, satellite media tours, and network news segments.
- Producer and director of live, multi-camera productions. Experienced in all crew positions.
- Produced live events in hospital operating rooms, theme parks, isolated locations, military installations, and the White House. Experience with microwave, laser, and fiber links
- Specialty in producing multiple-camera satellite media tours and corporate teleconferences.
- Developed production specifications. Prepared proposals and monitored budgets. Hired crews and vendors. Acquired permits and clearances.
- Ordered staging, lighting, video projection, and audio systems for live events.
- Extensive experience with telephone interfaces for Intercom and IFB.
- Taught television production classes at the University level.

Facilities Management
- Supervised studio and transmission facilities in educational, cable, and corporate facilities.
- Hired and supervised staff, freelance, and intern labor.
- Developed procedures and reporting forms for facility operations.
- Responsible for truck chassis maintenance and repairs.
- Supervised telephone, cellular, and pager services.

Administration and Sales
- Bachelors degree in business. Emphasis on investment and marketing.
- Account Manager. Cold-call sales. Prepared billings and negotiated adjustments.
- Created advertising copy, photography, brochures, and internet mailings.
- Coordinated convention booths and displays.
- Proficient in most office computer applications including Microsoft Office.

Other Experience and Licenses:

- Commercial Drivers License, Class B
- California Community College Limited Teaching Certificate
- Current passport and immunizations
- Secret Service Clearance
- Six years as an auto mechanic in military reserve service. Electronics assembly, technical documentation, warehouse operations, and welding. Operated a profitable small business.

I have been in the industry since 1990.

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