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As New York City's premiere media & translation company, we know that expert knowledge and customer care are vital to providing quality translation and media localization services. The Gotham Lab is the most experienced full-service, in-house media localization agency for voice-over, subtitling and desktop publishing services, serving New York City and beyond. Gotham Lab performs all aspects of your multimedia localization project in-house and was conceived with the foundational principles; emphasizing hands-on, high quality, in-house attention to craft and excellence. Our philosophy is this: Your media translations and production should not only be accurate but also natural and true to the original intended meaning (literally and figuratively).

A New York City based company that was founded in 2004, by Philip B. Kotur. A subsidiary company of Kotur Communication Inc., Gotham Lab has served international clientele for over a decade.

We have been in the industry since 2001.

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