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Sam Ameen started shooting film in Boston, Massachusetts. He worked on local news first, then moved on to long form news features, here and abroad. From shooting the news he moved on to documentaries for WGBH, Boston (PBS).

News requires an economy of images and documentaries required just the opposite. But both teach you self-reliance skills, how to get it done with one light, maybe none or build an entire kit from Home Depot. The challenges are many, but the end results still have to be professional.

He spent the next few years as a combat cameraman. "It's hard to explain the importance of being a member of team, sometimes leading and other times following, working in an environment where others are trying their hardest to cause you all harm. My experiences made me understand teamwork. Each of us had our own specialty, working for the same objective."

This experience made him realize that drama was his main interest. He packed his truck and headed west, to study Cinematography at the American Film Institute. Since graduating he hasn't looked back.

"Shooting on old fashion Eastman film was not cheap and it really caused you to think about what you were about to do." He always found a way to tell the story with his camera.

He's had the good fortune to work directors, actors, and artists who have helped him look at the world and his work with a far more critical eye. "Our collaborative efforts have been shown at the Sundance, Taos, Berlin Film Festivals as well as the screens of HBO and Showtime.

Today, he approaches new technologies with the same enthusiasm he did at the beginning of his career. He's skilled on the latest cameras and lights, continuing his education at workshops during his down time. "I love what I do and hope I never have get an actual 9 - 5 job." All of his experience makes him able to see and shoot the heart of any story.

A sample of his still photography can be seen online on my flickr - link in Blog.
Demo reel on my website.

I have been in the industry since 2002.

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