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One of the goals of the AOF has been to produce projects for filmmakers and to showcase projects created by members of the AOF Team. Our first effort; the Award Winning SPLIT was released in October 2007, TAXI MAN was made in 2008 and in 2009 we will follow up with the new projects, KENDALL which stars Rick Peters, Brian Graham and Jean Lupien and SUICIDE ANNIE featuring the incredible European Talent, Ursula Vari. Both KENDALL and SUICIDE ANNIE will premiere at the 2009 AOF Festival.

While AOF produced projects are not eligible for AOF competition, the support of the AOF certainly allows these projects and others like them to attract the attention of major distributors, producers and other professionals in the industry.

Then we have the AOF Films that are created by our AOF Alumni. These filmmakers create film and video projects that are guaranteed to screen at the AOF Festival. To become an Alum all you have to do is have a project accepted in any previous year. We are building a family, a network and a support system that will help filmmakers gain exposure, make deals, further their careers and guarantee them a place to call home for their new projects. If you are already an AOF Guaranteed Filmmaker, great. If not, get started now by entering your project and getting in on the best deal in film festivals. Click Here to Enter your work.

Some of our Guaranteed Filmmakers for 2009 include: Stan Harrington's The Mel Bourne Ulitimatum / Nichelle Rodriguez's Slinging Mud / Giovanni Zelko's The Interview Ford Austin's Falling Down / Michelle Muldoon's Pitch Out / Mara Leseman's The Seduction of Eve / Dave Fraunces' The Consultants / Brandon Rice's No Greater Love / Fernando Huerto's Heart Shot Grand Prix / Steven Karageanes' Le Derriere and many many others.

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