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ProHD Rentals is taking a new approach to show business. When it comes to digital production we don't want to be "that place where you can rent some equipment."

We want to be part of the process, providing help and support to young, independent filmmakers. Life is in the details and it is our quest to help you get out there, get your hands dirty and tell the stories that matter. Those stories need to be told and we will help you do it. Focus your energy on the "show" and let ProHD Rentals take care of the "business."

ProHD rentals is not a vendor, we are a creative partner invested in your project with one goal: to give you a professional product at the best price. Our bottom line is not to make the most money, but rather to develop long term relationships with creative partners. We are here to help your project not hinder the budget. Visual storytelling is a collaborative effort and ProHD Rentals is part of the team.

We have been in the industry since 2005.

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