Kratkofil International Short Film Festival

Banja Juka, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina na

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International short film festival KRATKOFIL is aimed to be a perfect place for promotion of alternative film expression. KRATKOFIL is a project of Creative Artists Association "Lanterna", a Banjaluka based NGO. The members of "Lanterna", want to organize a film event, where both professionals and debutants embraced with film art, will have an opportunity to enjoy, explore and support non mainstream films.

Because it is much harder for short film form to find its way to the audience, than for the mainstream, one of the Kratkofil firsts steps is a stimulation of short film popularization in the region. Very cheap and easy for production, short films allow us to take higher risks and get more expressional freedom, so it is very popular among first-time filmmakers. Some of the most popular names in film art today had made their first steps in this form. Some of them are still enjoying making short films. Therefore, we hope to discover new names in cinema, as well as to inspire domestic film authors. At the same time, we are looking forward to future joining of new creative forces.

Kratkofil screens feature, documentary, experimental and animation films. Films and authors are coming from Bosnian, regional and international cinema. They all have a common task – to make us laugh, cry, think or to simply teach us something new.

The festival will host numerous panels and discussion with filmmakers. Our mission is to make professionalism, splendor and the festival reputation to grow year by year until it becomes the most popular cultural sensation in the region at the beginning of every summer. We are looking forward to public valuating of KRATKOFIL as a traditionally very successful cultural event.

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