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About Us

Our Los Angeles based branch office of Muston & Jack, P.C., is focused on serving the needs of persons in the Entertainment Industry, investors, and their families.

Entertainment Industry Professionals: Let our attorneys take care of all your immigration needs to attain the most suitable visa for you, so that you can focus entirely on your upcoming events and projects. Whether your profession relates to film, television, the arts, or any related areas, let our immigration attorneys assist you. This is our primary focus at Muston & Jack, P.C., Los Angeles. Please feel free to view additional Entertainment Industry related Visa information in our links sections to the left.

Investors: Our attorneys are ready to find the best visa option for you as an investor, looking to start a new company or purchase and operate an existing business in the U.S. There are several visa options available depending on size of investment, country of nationality, and your future goals.

Families: At Muston & Jack, P.C., Los Angeles, we also provide services focused on family based visa petitions. Whether you wish to bring your fiance to the U.S., spouse, or other family members, we can assist you.

We have been in the industry since 1985.

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