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About Writer Producer Director Anthony Buemi:

From an early stage in life I became fascinated with motion pictures and the process of taking a story and interpreting it in a way that was clear in my mind.

From the look and feel of the visual aspects to the timing, pace and movements of the images filling the frames and most important to me---the sound...there was a certain clarity of how important what you heard was to completing the experience. Typically music feeds the creative process for me formulating the blueprint of the piece. Almost every project I've worked on starts with the music and from there everything else falls into place---it's a music video for me, but in a spare sense of what that term represents.

Working on features, big agency shoots and music videos, you see the process at full throttle and how the intimacy of storytelling gets caught up in the machine. Making any sort of moving visual piece with sound is a collaborative work of compromise. There's a lot of thought and energy in the process and it all boils down to how clear your vision is in the scope of what you have to work with, so inevitably, there is always compromise. Compromise is the business arm of the process tugging at the artistic vision. We understand the process and we've been extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work with so many gifted and talented artists and craftspeople---individuals who have a keen interest in what we do; lending their own distinctive style to contribute effortlessly to the vision while understanding the process.

Our work represents imagination with a clarity of purpose that serves the core essentials of telling the stories of our clients. Be it a milestone anniversary condensing 150 years into 5 minutes, or a global community of employees sharing a common bond or blending pop culture nuances into a telling corporate tale, we start with listening to what our clients vision is and then we share the symphony of possibilities to explore; delivering on the mission while establishing lasting relationships.

I have been in the industry since 1981.

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