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At Cinelicious our goal is to offer a forward-thinking, talent-driven workflow that caters to a new generation of filmmakers, ad agencies and clients who've been craving a change in their post production diet.

We're cooking up fresh New Media recipes with the following key ingredients:

35mm, RED, Talent, Hard Drives, Boards, Spirit 4K Scans, Colorists, ProRes, P2, Pizza, LTO4, Sweat, DPX, HDCAM-SR, Editors, Creative, Nuke, Final Cut, DaVinci, Directors, Vinyl, Render Farm, Rubik's Cube, D-Beta, Artists, A-Minima, After Effects, Laughter, Super 16mm, SAN, Tech Geeks, Quad-Espressos, Producers, Data, Genius, Atari 2600, DVNR 1000, Telecine, and Fun!

We have been in the industry since 2008.

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