Jay Maloney

Marietta, Georgia

About Me

I am an experienced effects fabricator and producer of commercial-class stop motion animation.

Trained experience in the following:
-Stop Motion puppet/set/prop design and fabrication
-Sculpting: Oil-based Clay, Water-based Clay, Polymers, Figurative/Portraiture
-Teeth: Model Sets, Molding/Casting, Wearable Dentures
-Eyes: Custom Acrylics
-Prop Fabrication: Latex/Poly Foam, Urethane Resin Castings, Molding/Casting, Painting, Parts Machining
-Life Casting/Mold Making: Full/Partial Life Casts, Corrective Positives, 1-3 Piece Ultracal/Hydrocal Molds, Silicone Box/Brush-up/Matrix Molds, Fiberglass
-Make-up FX: Prosthetics Casting/Application (Foam Latex, Gelatin, Silicone), Character Make-up, Pros-aide Transfers, Casualty/Trauma Make-up, Multi-piece Appliance

-Computer Skills: Photoshop, Microsoft Word and Excel

I have been in the industry since 2010.

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