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For 15 years now, Infinity Graphics has been providing freelance graphic design services for industry professionals who understand that impeccable quality shouldn't have to necessarily go hand-in-hand with outrageous costs. As the demand for increasingly detailed and realistic CG continues to rise, Infinity Graphics has and will continue to evolve to new levels of production, ensuring all clientele will continue to be satisfied with cutting edge results that are at the head of the field.

Through utilizing advanced design methods, Infinity Graphics stands by the ability to create virtually any type of art, with any style and with any type of special effect. Design elements such as Fluid Dynamics, Particle Manipulation, Global Illumination, High Dynamic Range Imaging, Compositing, etc., allots for the creation and implementation of custom art into any project.
The work ethic and professionalism one would expect from a non-freelance design firm is not sacrificed with Infinity Graphics. All customers work directly with the designer, and detailed project write-ups as well as multiple design comps are submitted at every stage of development for each project. This ensures that what the project requires is what will be delivered, and keeps the customer constantly in-the-loop as to the progression towards completion.

We have been in the industry since 2001.

Otis Elevator Gen2 System
Added on 1/7/2014
Animation designed exclusively for Otis Elevator by Infinity Graphics.

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