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I'm a filmmaker who discovers and develops compelling stories inspired by the creative and passionate people I meet.

Many years ago, I discovered how story is the most important human creation we carry forward through time. From earliest cave drawings and fireside reenactments depicting the hunt to contemporary spoken word, writing, and moving pictures, story is what draws us together, connects us with our past, and propels us to create our future.

Today, I produce, shoot, and edit videos and commercials for small- to medium-sized business, fund-raising videos for new ventures, narrative films for visually-inspired directors, and music videos for socially-conscious musicians.



Clients include HBO, Dell, HP, MTV, BBC, Chevrolet, Verizon, Golfsmith, Hoovers, Gallery Direct, SxSW, and the United States Army.

Producer/Writer/Director/Editor of multi-media show for Golfsmith sales summit, inspiring brand awareness and loyalty. Directed several live multi-media shows with video, audio, lighting and talent cues.

In video and digital media production since 1988 as a storyteller visually expressing that which connects us as humans. Industrials, web programming, fundraising videos, commercials, and narrative films. Related experience includes computer game development, embedded electronics and the Internet of Things, carpentry, metal fabrication, 3D animation and motion graphics, front-end web design, print design.

In game development since 1995 as a linear narrative writer, video director/editor, character animator, art director, and project manager.

In live-stream and multi-camera production since 2013 as producer, writer, director, mograph artist, and editor. Producer of weekly, half-hour live and pre-recorded programs for streaming and web consumption. Engineer/DP of world's first 4K live-stream at the “2015 SxSW Converse Fader Fort” venue. Engineer/DP of 2016's "George Strait returns to Gruene Hall" multi-camera live stream program.


Take a moment to scan my online portfolio and reels at michael-morlan.net.

I can help build a reliable and dedicated camera and lighting crew for any budget.

600 operator


"Michael Morlan's lighting expertise, professional manner and film experience is directly and inseparably responsible for the success of our first feature film, the Civil War drama "Shroud." Roundly praised for its professional look, "Shroud" owes a great deal of its visual credibility to Michael's hard work. He makes the difference." - David Jetre, director "Shroud"

“I can't thank you enough for all your effort over the past few days and weeks. Thank you so much for stepping up and giving me so much more than I had hoped for. You were really great at anticipating what I needed and coming up with some very original and interesting ways to use the same four walls over and over again.” - Christian Remde, director "Sketch"

I have been in the industry since 1988.


Cinematographer . DP – many projects since 2006

January, 2006 — January, 2017
Other – visit http://michael-morlan.net

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